The multi-room smart air purifier designed for the hospitality industry

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    The multi-room smart air purifier designed for the hospitality industry

    With air hygiene front of mind, we learn more about Air-Reviver Cube, a product that has been designed to add a new layer of hygiene in hospitality…

    Never has air quality and cleanliness been given as much attention as it is today. Over the past few years health concerns regarding air quality have been increasing exponentially and coronavirus is making that even more significant. Air hygiene, especially indoors is a new, broader concern that now affects everyone – from the perpetual germaphobe to the more laidback hotel-goer, who didn’t think twice about germs before the pandemic.

    As the pandemic evolves, we are more unsure about how and when it’s coming to an end, but it’s safe to say that there will be lasting cultural changes that will affect the socioeconomic structure of how people consume services in public spaces. Air hygiene assurance will now be of much higher importance in consumers’ decision hierarchy and that’s where Air-Reviver and it’s patented air purifying technology comes in.

    What is Air-Reviver Technology?

    Air-Reviver systems are based on a patented Bipolar Ionization technology. The Air-Reviver generates positive and negative ions, just like those found in nature when it’s released in the air and mixes with existing H2O. This causes a chemical reaction that neutralises harmful parasites, bacteria and viruses within minutes.

    The Air-Reviver Cube: designed for the hospitality industry.

    The Air-Reviver Cube has 5 filtration layers including H13 HEPA medical grade filter, charcoal filter and a UV light that has long been proven to eliminate the Flu and Common cold virus which are in the same viral family as Covid-19. It provides an all-round coverage against many airborne pollutants, bacteria, fungi and mold spores such as VOCs, E.Coli, Influenza etc.

    A smart purifier

     Providing purified and hygienic air is only half of what the Air-Reviver does. The Cube is designed to be used alongside the Air-Reviver app, designed to facilitate the use of multiple units in the same hotel while providing real time data on air quality. You can name each unit and delegate it to a specific room, control the unit individually or set collective, timely functions such as fan speed, on and off times and more. There is also a remote control fob for ease of use.

    Real time air quality analysis for consumer reassurance.

    The unit’s air quality sensor constantly relays information about the air-quality in the environment generating real time data that can be displayed in a lobby screen or sent to customers individually, which can be a powerful ally in reassuring your customers of the safety of your establishment.

    The Air-Reviver cube comes in three versions, Cube 1, Cube 3 and 4. varying in size and power output with room size coverage ranging from 20 to 90 sqm per unit and it can be mounted to the wall or ceiling as well as freestanding.

    Air Revive was a PRODUCT WATCH pitch partner for Hotel Designs LIVE, which took place on October 13, 2020.

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