Studio Porsche & KEUCO redefine accessible bathrooms

When Studio Porsche designed a range of accessible bathroom products for KEUCO, the result was something unique. With German engineering connecting with premium interior design, accessibility in the bathroom has never been so beautiful…

sleek contemporary bathroom in black and chrome with AXESS fittings by KEUCO and Porsche

Operating from the maxim that good design has to be honest, what is striking about the entire KEUCO AXESS barrier-free range by Studio Porsche, is the clean, design-driven lines of all the products – commencing with the folding support rail positioned over the rail system for the shower, the grab rails, through to the freestanding stool. The design focuses on the essentials, combining aesthetics and barrier-free functionality in a stylish and innovative way, without making the special functions visually obvious. It is this aspect that will pleasantly surprise design lovers who want to see accessibility integrated into the bathroom and products with a minimalist appearance with design that inspires.

“It was our wish to meet the highest aesthetic demands and yet incorporate the specific needs of a barrier-free bathroom system,” said Christian Schwamkrug, Design Director Studio F. A. Porsche. “Our aim was to develop accessible bathroom products from a completely new perspective. Timeless, very clear, aesthetic forms, permanently perceived as beautiful, even after many years. Independent of the spirit of time and trends and at the same time, beyond anything known so far. Out ambition was to create something special, right down to the smallest detail, and making it technically possible. A combination of German engineering and top-quality implementation in every respect. ”

KEUCO AXESS is designed for barrier-free bathrooms across all sectors. It is a sustainable and cross-generational concept made from high-quality materials in a beautiful and timeless design. The design ensures the comfortable and safe use of all areas of the bathroom – not only for the elderly, those currently in need of care or for people with a physical disability, but for all generations. The intelligent design details support independence and autonomy in the bathroom, allowing people of all ages and abilities to benefit from its comfort-enhancing functions. What may be a useful aid for one person can simply provide additional comfort for another, such as taking a shower whilst sitting down.

A bathroom without barriers can add to the quality of life, while still being comfortable, future-oriented and, thanks to the unique design of this collection, can also be extremely attractive and visually appealing. KEUCO AXESS transforms barrier-free bathrooms into bathrooms for people of all ages and for all life situations. Increasingly, building owners in the project sector, architects and planners along with private individuals, when deciding to renovate or refurbish, opt for a barrier-free solution as it increases the level of comfort and safety in the bathroom and adds to the value of a property.

The AXESS folding support rail looks nothing like folding support rails of the past, as it stands uniquely flat against the wall when folded up. When unfolded and exposed in the downward position, the support rail is a beautiful and elegant solution. It is available in three finishes: chrome, matt black or aluminium-chrome and depending on the surface, a grip-friendly plastic inlay in black or white is seamlessly integrated. The plastic is significant as it makes it easy to grip and prevents slipping when supporting or holding on. There is an optional and retrofittable toilet paper holder which has a black or white roller stopper enabling it to colour match the design. Two different projections in 700 and 850 mm offer perfect safety and support. The larger projection folding support rail is also suitable for larger, wheelchair-accessible WCs. The optional and retrofittable radio WC flush actuator integrates aesthetically into the handle and is compatible with radio flush cisterns from common manufacturers via Bluetooth. Despite the reduced design, stability is guaranteed with a 115 kilogram load capacity. KEUCO AXESS folding support handles are TÜV tested and certified according to DIN standard.

sleek and seamless chrome grabrail from KEUCO AXESS

Image credit: KEUCO

The rail system and grab rails of the AXESS range are again characterised by their elegant yet starkly simplistic design. The versatile range provides support and safety in the shower and bath, at the washbasin and WC. Despite high stability when holding and supporting, this ergonomic design appears light, stylish, and un-cumbersome. The grip surface at the front forms a smooth rectangular band. with flat surfaces and precise edges. At the back, the rail grip system and handles are ergonomically shaped in a semicircle for an optimised grip. This oval rounded back perfectly fits in the hand when grasping, making it unnecessary to exert a great deal of force when holding on and ensuring a secure grip and a reliable hold. The unobtrusive wall fixings of the rail system and grab rails emphasise the clear, minimalistic design, whilst ensuring sufficient stability for a barrier-free solution. The KEUCO AXESS grab rail ranges in length from 400 to 1000 mm. In the shower, the rail system can be flexibly adapted to suit on-site conditions. The shower rail also serves as a stable grab rail, always giving a feeling of safety. The shower slider can be unlocked and moved up or down simply by pressing on the back and this can be done with one hand. The shower head can be turned in various positions, to the left and right and can be tilted up and down from any angle, without any problems.

A stable seat is a plus for comfort in the bathroom and KEUCO has supplemented its range of seats with the mobile KEUCO AXESS stool. The design is crafted to the highest standard and is, as one would expect from this collaboration, as minimalistic, safe and comfortable as possible. In an archetypical, timeless design, the stylish stool takes up little space in the bathroom and fits in any corner. With a load capacity of 150 kilograms, it can be used in both private and public areas. The stool is particularly stable and resilient, as the discretely outward-facing legs with anti-slip ensure a secure standing position, whilst being easy to reposition using one hand. The softly roughened, non-slip surface of the seat has a pleasant feel and is easy to clean. The seat is slightly curved inwards and features a small hole in the middle which allows water to drain off directly in the shower. The mobile stool with a white or black seat can be harmoniously integrated into the bathroom or shower area. With a white seat, you can choose between chrome or aluminium legs, while with a black seat, the legs are also in black. All versions are robust, durable and easy to clean.

sleek yet functional designed toilet roll holder and grab bar in KEUCO AXESS range

Image credit: KEUCO

For people in need of care, access to the bathroom areas can be difficult or even impossible, making them dependent on assistance. Nevertheless, for all people and age groups, the desire for independence and autonomy in the bathroom plays a very decisive role in maintaining quality of life. With these designs, assistance from care staff can be supplemented in the bathroom as the flexible and adaptable barrier-free bathroom range enables a high degree of independence for users and facilitates the daily work of care staff. Ideally, a barrier-free bathroom equipped with KEUCO AXESS is designed in such a way that people can find their way around without help, if possible – whether they are motor-impaired, people with little strength or users with cognitive impairments and coordination problems.

KEUCO IXMO Sensor touchless tap

Image credit: KEUCO

KEUCO AXESS products are perfectly matched to KEUCO IXMO fittings. The cover plate can be combined in either round or square and in the shower, head and hand showers can be individually combined. The IXMO range of fittings from enjoys great popularity among design lovers and sanitary professionals thanks to the bundling of functions with a minimalist appearance. IXMO stands for ‘x possibilities’ and promises design variety and planning freedom, aesthetics and an easy care, quick and an affordable installation.

The AXESS barrier-free range can also be combined with various accessory collections, such as the PLAN or REVA range. Various different KEUCO shower shelves make handling easier and, together with a comfortable seat, bring real pleasure to the shower. KEUCO AXESS series, in combination with IXMO fittings and other brand accessories, can be used to transform any bathroom into a design-strong, barrier-free place of well-being. KEUCO AXESS combines a high degree of aesthetics along with its functionality, as the shapes and materials meet the highest standards of hygiene and ease of care, even in the optional service area.

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Main image credit: KEUCO