Product watch: Arcadian Thames by Zoffany

Inspired by majestic riverside homes, Zoffany resumes its textile tour of London with Arcadian Thames, where nature breathes and romantic gardens thrive…

blue column against a white wall in the background with wallpapered foreground in blue zoffany arcadian collection

For more than 300 years, the Arcadian Thames has provided a balm for the soul, enabling Londoners to experience a glorious waterside idyll, flanked by ancient woodland and flower strewn meadows, as the river meanders from Hampton to Kew. Landscaped gardens fringe commanding palaces and grand historic houses, dipping their bankside toes into the cool, swell beneath. Meaning ‘rural paradise’, arcadia is a place of virtue and pleasure, narrating centuries, encouraged by the Age of Enlightenment and it’s less restrictive way of thinking. A successor to the formality of Tudor and Stuart times, its eddying waters are where writers, poets and artists gathered.

Comprising five prints, five weaves, two embroideries and six wallcoverings, this latest collection pays homage to the revolutionary vision of 18th century nobility, with a curation of enduring masterpieces that celebrate their unwavering commitment to preserving the English landscape.

“It’s always a joy to shine the light on a little known story, especially when it stems from London, Zoffany’s hometown,” said Peter Gomez, Lead Designer, Zoffany. “The stretch of river that forms the Arcadian Thames holds so much historical significance and of course, a unique, natural beauty – it’s rare these two components are appreciated collectively. Our interpretation of the Arcadian Thames revisits London in an unexpected way, capturing a snapshot of life, and the prominent influences of its residents.”

Providing the cornerstone to all its designs, archive documents, sympathetically reinterpreted for today, bring together a combination of form, pattern and colour to create a harmonious aesthetic that is intuitively Zoffany. Arcadian Thames continues Zoffany’s support of emerging talent, introducing artisan embroider, Livia Papiernik, from the Royal School of Needlework and subsequently the Royal College of Art. Titled Hampton Embroidery, Livia’s exquisite, decorative piece is hand finished with traditional French knots and a combination of advanced stitching techniques. An exquisite blend of pattern and storytelling, paying homage to Jacobean embroidery and the heraldic beast statues which decorate Hampton Court Palace. This considered piece is embellished with hand finished detail and decorative stitching.

The Grand Tour introduced this style of Italianate baroque gardens to the aesthetic of English stately homes. Taken from a 19th century block printed wallpaper, this interpretation is printed on a paper backed fine textile ground giving the illusion of fabric on the wall. Drawing from a world class pool of talent, Zoffany has commissioned acclaimed mural artist Melissa White to capture the very essence of the Arcadian Thames in an atmospheric three metre panel. Hand drawn using traditional chalk paints, the design frames a vista of riverside life, incorporating elements from London’s Scion House, Garrick Villa, Strawberry Hill House and Hampton Court. Her magnificent painting with its far reaching views, follows in the footsteps of arcadian discovery, preserving a poetic scene curated by an authentic hand.

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