Product watch: Aplomb by Atlas Concorde balances texture and colour

Aplomb, a new collection by Atlas Concorde, comes in a perfect balance of soft, neutral colours combining the decorative versatility of wallpaper with the performance of porcelain tiles…

Atlas Concorde aplomb range in a soft lichen green

Thanks to its extensive understanding of production and design, Atlas Concorde has developed a collection that combines a contemporary style with a strong designer look that can add layers of elegant texture, pattern and depth to a space. At the core of the Aplomb collection are two textures; Minidots and Stripes. These textures use the apparent contrast of two key stylistic elements: the brilliant three-dimensionality of the material and the absolute simplicity of the graphic design consisting of microdots, which reveal unexpected variations only when seen close up, of subtle lines with delicate chiaroscuro shading.

textured and patterned tiles by atlas Concorde in a denim blue

Image credit: Atlas Concorde

The final effect generates an element of surprise that adds an energy to the look of the product without undermining its formal perfection. Up close you can see the slight three-dimensionality of the graphics, delicately perceptible to the touch, and the variation of their visual effects as the light shifts. The base, opaque and impalpable, is the canvas behind the flowing textures and shifting light, delicately matte when viewed from the front, or gently shiny when struck by light at an angle.

tiles in natural cream and canvas tones by Atlas Concorde

Image credit: Atlas Concorde

Aplomb’s tailored nature is fully expressed through the mixing and matching of the collection’s five colours. These colours range from the neutral, timeless shades of White and Cream, a perfect backdrop for the patterns and mosaics, to the calm contemporaneity of Canvas and the strength of the blue Denim, ideal for refined combinations with textile elements. Finally in a nod to biophilic trends, Lichen is a light green that blends seamlessly with wood colours to create an ambiance that evokes wellbeing and nature.

The range includes both floral and abstract motifs that you can mix with colours and textures for an effect that is always modern and personal. The inclusion of a selection of mosaics, transforms Aplomb into a truly creative atelier of options for contemporary interior designers.

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Main image credit: Atlas Concorde