Zoffany Launch New Furniture Range

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    Every room deserves elegant hand crafted pieces that are beautifully finished, expertly upholstered and softly trimmed. Inspired by this, Zoffany is re-launching its furniture range by introducing three desirable new pieces. Zoffany has designed an original collection of furniture using traditional techniques, materials and finishes. The result is a variety of individual pieces that capture the brand’s unique style and timeless quality. The bespoke nature of the offer means that the range offers the flexibility to add personal style preferences to each model.Hanover This Chesterfield style sofa is a true English classic. Originating in the 18th century, the Chesterfield gained popularity in the 19th century where it would be found in the homes of the aristocracy. Today it is synonymous with style and comfort and can be used in any interior, traditional or contemporary. The sofa is available as large, medium or small with complementary chair and footstool.

    Harry A timeless design of elegant proportions and small to medium stature. Harry is well suited to town or country houses. Offering a large range of size options, it can be used in both small and large spaces. The sofa is available as large, medium or small with
    complementary chair and footstool.

    Linear This range of contemporary sectional seating is a confident mix of classic and modern elements. Inspired by cantilever structures of architects such as Frank Lloyd Wright, each piece features a recessed plinth which is designed to re-create the visual lightness and floating effect of these iconic buildings. A complementary footstool is also available.

    The entire furniture range consists of 8 sofa shapes and 3 occasional chairs. For further information about model sizes and additional features, please consult our website www.zoffany.com

    Daniel Fountain / 21.10.2013

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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