Wandsworth Group combines luxury and intelligence with Tronix lighting controls

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    Wandsworth Group, the world’s leading design and manufacturing company of luxury electrical lighting accessories, has announced the launch of its Tronix range of intelligent lighting controls. Tronix is aimed at designers who want the latest lighting controls and automation but also demand the elegance and ‘front end’ design quality that Wandsworth delivers.Market research revealed a unique six issues that Tronix™ had to answer:

    1. To provide lighting controls that worked consistently with dimming LED lights and no ‘flicker’. So, Tronix™ halogen dimmers can control most LED lamps and Tronix fluorescent dimmers can control single LED lamps and LED arrays. Plus, Tronix enables colour selection, cycling and sequencing for strip lighting within the overall package

    2. To provide a ‘front end’ design aesthetic to match high-end luxury interiors schemes including largest range of finishes and designs. So, the entire Wandsworth range is available with Tronix ensuring the best combination of intelligence and beauty

    3. To provide the largest range of retractive switches, toggles, bell push and multi-button plates. Wandsworth has now developed all its switches to operate the controls easily with added flexibitlity of look and feel.

    4. To provide remote access via intelligent smart phone app. The iTronix app has been developed to control lighting from iPhone/Pad allowing users to change levels, set timed events, turn lights on at dusk or open the gates automatically as you approach the house for example

    5. To lower the cost and complexity of the controls compared to other more complex solutions currently used. Tronix has been 100% British designed and built with new technology to drive down costs and deliver a modular approach to reduce costs and over-specification

    6. Provide an in house pre-sales design service to help designers plan and configure lighting controls from simple rooms to large multi-room and projects. Our new team is on call to answer queries on lighting controls provide a free pre-sales service.

    Adam Sherry, Managing Director commented, ‘Tronix has been launched to answer market demands to provide a unique combination of lower prices, ease of use and installation coupled with the most luxurious electrical accessories which we’ve been making in the UK since 1904. We’ve now added an upfront design and planning service to ensure customers receive the best controls intelligence and designs to fit in with the overall look and feel of the interiors.’

    Daniel Fountain / 03.07.2014

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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