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    The oldest family owned manufacturer in the UK, Wandsworth Group has announced a distribution deal with one of the oldest German family owned manufacturers, electrical company Jung. The trade partnership extends the distribution network for Jung into the UK whilst Harald Jung, the grandson of the German company’s founder, expressed his delight in having the ability to distribute Wandsworths ‘retro’ fittings through their extensive distribution system.The disparity in size between the two companies is marked, with Jung’s turnover being 10 times that of the UK company. This can partly be explained by the difference in electrical specifications between the continental systems and the idiosyncratic system of the UK. Also Jung have developed the electronic control systems that are now de rigueur for electrical installations. The adoption of their products by Wandsworth opens the possibility of finally designers being able to suite all the switches within an hotel room.

    As Gary Stevens, Sales & Marketing Director at Wandsworth explains “By joining forces with Jung, we instantly open up our existing range, at the same time, we’re also adding wiring accessories and door entry systems that match our existing range for quality but complement it in terms of design, enabling us to offer customers even greater choice.”

    Comments Export Manager Wolfgang Becker of Jung: “We have never sold through distributors in the UK because our products are for the niche market where design and quality matter, not just the cheapest option. In Wandsworth we have found a partner that we can trust to deliver those values in the UK marketplace and a one that has the resources to drive understanding and uptake of our products in the UK. In the coming months we will also be introducing Wandsworth to the workings of the KNX building controls protocol. The protocol is now 20 years old and the UK remains around 12 years behind key economic competitors in Europe in terms of installations, which means that many commercial and public buildings are missing out on the wow factor and energy savings that KNX can offer.”

    For hotel designers who have long recognised the quality of the slim plates and stylish finishes in the Wandsworth range the possibility that these will be extended to include a full range of electronic controls within a family of plates can only be a mouth-watering prospect

    Patrick Goff

    Daniel Fountain / 28.02.2011

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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