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    In May 2014, when I prepared for a city trip to Copenhagen two things drew my eyes to the new Wakeup Copenhagen Borgergade:
    1. It is very well located in the city center near Kongen Nytorv, Nyhavn, the Danish Royal Palace Amalien Borg, the Danish Design Museum and the city’s main shopping walk Oestergade. Actually its location is better than many of its competitors in the small rooms, but “design” hotel, segment.
    2. The fact that it is the second Copenhagen Wakeup. That means that the first must be a success which could be repeated

    A short introduction, as this is my first review for Hotel Designs. From a totally unrelated, but nevertheless creative profession, I became a hotelier myself in 2000. We’ve converted an dilapidated terraced house into a luxury 3 suites “Hotel” or B & B and operated it until we’d closed it in December, 2013. Currently I am an almost full-time blogger on several blogs, Happy Hotelier and Chair Blog being the closest related to Hotel Design. I remember being very proud having Patrick Goff, the owner of Hotel Designs, to have a look at our Haagsche Suites. I’m glad the cooperation with Patrick gives me the opportunity to stay involved with hotel design.
    As an operator I am coming from the opposite end to Patrick’s experience as a designer, wherein I believe(d) the guest needs to get as much room as economically feasible in order to feel well, I’ve closely followed the change the market seems to undergo into the idea the guest doesn’t matter how small the room is, as long as its design is up to standard. So I was curious how the chain who owns the Wakeup would tackle this in Copenhagen, one of the top centers of “design”, especially furniture design. While writing the review it appeared there are many more hotels in this Pod Hotels segment in Copenhagen. I refer to the closing paragraph for more links to read on the subject.

    Daniel Fountain / 02.08.2014

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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