The power of nature revealed at The Glendower Hotel

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    An elegant and captivating design inspired by the powerful imagery of nature has lifted the lounge area of The Glendower Hotel to new heights in a beautiful bespoke woven floor from Wilton Carpets Commercial. Striking in its sheer size, the intertwining peacock feather creation with a radiant vivid blue at its heart suits the atmospheric interior of The Glendower to perfection. Reworked to form a feature element, the feather’s large scale is fused with a myriad of overlay effects and textures that fade and flow, in colours that complement the furniture and furnishings. The result is a carpet beautifully in-tune with the interior’s period detailing and furnishings, while remaining undeniably modern.

    Situated in Lytham St Annes with views of the Irish Sea, the Great Western establishment called upon the experienced hand of APM Design to realise a fresh look for its lounge. Design Director, Andy McClusky, decided a bespoke carpet was the only way forward to realise the ambitions of the specialist’s initial concept:

    “Nature was the inspiration for the design. We felt strongly that only a bespoke carpet solution would work for the project, as we wanted to use the feature design inner panel within the carpet to define the transition between circulation and seating areas in a subtle yet effective way. We drafted our initial concept and worked on the required colours, before meeting with Wilton to turn the concept into a finished design.”

    The design team at Wilton were able to interpret APM’s conceptual work into a wool-rich bespoke axminster, working with the Flexiweave colour palette to deliver a base hue of beige accompanied by accent colours of royal blue and burgundy for a truly stunning creation. Covering some 350 square metres of lounge space, the design threads its way through the different areas of the lounge, bringing a sense of continuity and flow to the layout.

    Installed by Kendal Quality Carpets, the carpet proves luxurious without dominating its surroundings, benefitting from clever colour combinations and intricate styling. Standing up to heavy traffic and resilient enough to retain its fabulous looks, this high quality woven axminster is sure to provide The Glendower with a beautiful carpet for years to come.

    As Andy concludes, “This is not the first successful project we have undertaken with Wilton and we will be working with them again in the future. We would certainly recommend the company as we enjoy working with the creative team, developing our ideas and creating where possible a unique bespoke product.”

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    Daniel Fountain / 06.08.2015

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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