The Photon Space, a revolutionary way to let the light in

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    The Photon SpaceTM provides a new hospitality and well-being experience combining the latest in all-glass technology with sophisticated design; to let the benefits of natural light in.

    Launched on Crowdcube (UK, 27th November), this revolutionary architectural structure is the first of its kind to address every day issues such as stress, low energy, jet-lag and broader health problems by allowing natural daylight into the space to balance essential body rhythms. This exciting project combines years of research, glass innovation, engineering and architecture to provide a new way to restore, relax and rejuvenate.

    In our modern lives we spend too much time indoors, despite the fact that scientific research shows that daylight has profound benefits for our health, mood and productivity. We have ignored the fact that we still require exposure to natural light for psychological and physiological reasons to stay in tune with our biological clocks and to keep us healthy and happy.

    Engineered with the latest advances in nano-technology, The Photon SpaceTM is a luxury daylight suite constructed entirely from intelligent glass to allow the maximum amount of natural light into a comfortable living environment. Within a 45m2 footprint, this all-glass structure provides 360 degree views, which contribute to the acute sense of space and greater connectivity with the natural surrounding environment.

    The suite is designed as a compact living solution, incorporating a furnished sitting room and double bedroom with a modular integrated kitchen and bathroom.

    The Photon SpaceTM design is supported by long-term studies from Oxford University led by Professor Russell Foster into the non-visual photoreceptor (our built-in mechanism that adjusts to external cues) and circadian rhythms dedicated to setting our natural 24 hour body clock. He has confirmed that natural light provides the critical input for synchronising our body clocks in accordance with environmental time

    “After five years of research and technological advances in the glass systems we work with, we are very excited to be able to manufacture this revolutionary suite. As a group of experts in the glass and architecture industry, we are very passionate about bringing its’ benefits to the market,” explains Charlie Sharman, Managing Director, The Photon Project.

    The multi-layered, high-performance glass walls are bonded to curved glass beams and allow for total transparency and temperate climate control to create a safe, relaxing and harmonious environment. The Photon SpaceTM can be set to reduce stress levels and regulate sleep patterns by accessing more of the blue light spectrum and allowing daylight to flood into the suite. This is done with the latest in nanotechnology, as the space can be darkened for privacy to provide a perfect night-time setting to regulate sleep when you need it most – even during the day.

    The Photon SpaceTM is a modular construction so it can be erected and finished quickly in around 4 weeks. It has an integrated steel sub-frame so it can be built in virtually all locations – it “touches the earth lightly” and can therefore be removed with minor local impact on the surroundings. The suites are especially relevant for hospitality destinations like spas, health retreats, hotels and resorts, high-rise roof–tops, medical centres and safari lodges.

    Visit to see our full pitch, video and Business Plan- for even more details about the science, the technology and the people involved go to

    Daniel Fountain / 08.12.2014

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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