The dragon awakes – inside Hotel Draken

Award-winning Swedish design agency, Stylt, has designed Hotel Draken by drawing inspiration from its natural ties to local culture…

pink and purple theatrical interior at hotel Draken

Situated in the classic cultural quarter near Gothenburg’s harbour, Stylt has designed Clarion Hotel Draken as the new cultural amplifier of Gothenburg. This connection is most evident in its homage to film, epitomised by the iconic Draken (The Dragon) cinema, an integral part of the hotel. It also pays tribute to the Gothenburg Film Festival and the city’s status as the cinematic capital of the Nordic region. The neighbouring Folkteatern, one of Gothenburg’s most vibrant theatres, and Folkets Hus, a cornerstone of the city’s labour movement, further ignite the concept. The hotel also taps into the area’s rich music and performing arts scene.

architectural lighting statement in Hotel Draak of nordic dragon suspended

Image credit: Erik Nissan Johannsen

Stylt has developed this concept and interior design for Strawberry’s – formerly Nordic Choice – highly anticipated flagship Clarion Hotel Draken. The 474-key hotel is set to serve as a hub of local culture, encompassing film, theatre, music, fashion, art and design. “The hotel’s ambition to become one of the country’s most dynamic cultural and entertainment hubs aligns perfectly with the cultural vibrancy of the area,” commented Erik Nissen Johansen, the Founder of Stylt who has also served on the Board of the Gothenburg Film Festival.

public seating space with film references and blue and orange colour notes in Hotel Draak

Image credit: Erik Nissan Johansen

The hotel itself comprises a striking juxtaposition – a new built high-rise seamlessly connected to a historic building housing the classical cinema and theatre. Stylt’s conceptual design shines through in the public areas, multiple bars and restaurants, a cinematic spa, screening room, library, a meeting space with breathtaking views, and a glowing 20-metre-long beast crowning the top-floor restaurant, overlooking the city from the 33rd floor.

strong visual design with an organic mural and strong architectural lighting in restaurant designed in shades of yellow and brown

Image credit: Erik Nissan Johansen

After more than 30 years in the hospitality industry, Stylt has projects all around the world and with Clarion Hotel Draken, it is now making a significant impact in the design agency’s hometown. “The blend of local culture and extensive hospitality makes Draken a truly unique project,” said Anneli Soumalainen, Lead Interior Architect, Stylt. “Additionally, our design studio is the hotel’s closest neighbour, so this also becomes our new living room.”

Strawberry, formerly Nordic Choice, was founded 25 years ago by Petter Stordalen as a rebel with a warm heart within the hotel industry. Today, the group run more than 200 hotels in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and the Baltics. Clarion Hotel Draken is its 13th hotel in the Gothenburg area.

Main image credit: Erik Nissan Johansen