Snotels hotel concept put up for sale as going concern

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    All IP, branding, trademarks and customer data available for acquisition.

    Snotels, an alpine-only hotel brand concept launched back in 2011, has been put up for sale by founder and owner, Michael Metcalfe.

    The brand was established to ‘provide independent hotels in alpine resorts and ski villages with the digital platforms, targeted branding, unique marketing and brand recognition needed to drive business results within a market where 86% of hotels are independently run’.

    The sale of Snotels will include all of its intellectual property, domain names, international trademarks, digital assets and audiences, hotel and customer databases and more.

    In a statement, Metcalfe said confident that this sale to a new owner is the best path to ensure Snotels has the financial resources and hotel brand infrastructure to realise opportunities in the global alpine sector:

    “As a niche hotel brand that launched during the global financial crisis, combined with the inherent seasonality of cash flows within mountain markets, the launch timing and financing was challenging and the rollout was discontinued.

    “Despite this, its category defining name and relevance remains exceptionally strong with alpine travellers. It represents a perfect opportunity for established hotel chains and travel firms to secure a high-potential niche brand offering within their portfolios, and to leverage their existing infrastructure to use the Snotels brand in line with their vision.”

    Snotels invites requests for more information and offers by 30 April and all interested buyers are able to contact Metcalfe via at or phone +61 402 124 520.

    Katy Phillips / 12.04.2018



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