Snapshots Enhance Wandsworth’s Hotshot Door Entry System

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    The Wandsworth Group has launched the UK’s first door entry system to offer picture capture technology as part of a host of enhancements to its Jung door entry system range.When it was launched in 2009, the Jung Door Entry System was the first to offer completely echo-free simultaneous speech with full duplex operation that removes virtually all background noise or network interference. Things have moved on since then: The Wandsworth Group is now Jung’s exclusive UK distributor and the product has undergone a number of enhancements, ensuring that it continues to lead the way in technically advanced door entry system for single or multiple residential dwellings or commercial properties.

    The new picture capture function allows the occupier to take a still picture of any visitor to the property via the 1.3 megapixel camera integrated into the external unit. The system stores in excess of 100 pictures with the oldest ones being overwritten when the memory becomes full, each with date and time information, providing a valuable record of calls made to the property.

    Comments KNX technical specialist at The Wandsworth Group, Gordon Fry: “The door entry system already offered fantastic visual quality with touch screen operation to allow the user to tilt the camera, change the view point or zoom in or out. The new picture capture function adds a new dimension to this for the security conscious, providing a tangible and accurate record of who visited when.”

    In addition to the new picture capture functionality, the door entry system’s integration capabilities have also been enhanced and it can now interface with PABX (VoIP systems), PC and softphone applications, making it possible to answer the door using a telephone or PC. The system is even featured as a control on Jung’s House in Hand iPhone app, making it possible to see who is at the door even when the user is not even present in the property.

    Gordon continues: “The ability to interface the door entry system with other platforms means that end users can answer the door without having to go to the internal door entry unit. This has real benefits for many situations such as lone workers, the disabled or even busy mums!”

    In addition to the end user enhancements, Wandsworth’s Jung Door Entry System has also been updated to offer specifier and installer benefits too. The audio communications can now be retrofitted on two wires and a new online tool also allows design of bespoke plates, with an installer tutorial to aid installation.

    Gordon adds: “The door entry system provides a valuable first impression for a visitor to any property by our Jung Door Entry System is about much more than wow factor. It offers an advanced range of features that enhance security and communication all with the easy-to-use operation that customers expect from Wandsworth.”

    Daniel Fountain / 29.04.2012

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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