Skopos Fabrics at St Ermins Hotel

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    St Ermins, with its beautiful brick façade, has now undergone a major refurbishment. It has been modernised, upgrading the hotel from a 3* to a 4* deluxe hotel, with unique fabrics designed by Powerstrip, designers based in LA, working in close collaboration with Skopos Design. The exciting fabrics have strong design influences founded in the Arts and Crafts movement, drawing on the building’s rich heritage. The use of both print and textured weaves create additional depth and interest in the interiors, a challenging brief for Skopos – specialists in interpreting print and weave onto FR qualities.

    The end result is a stimulating combination of historic design, sophisticated warm colourations and contemporary styling

    Skopos is an ISO9001 accredited company with over 30 year’s specialist experience in the design and manufacture of high performance FR contract fabrics for the hospitality sector.

    Daniel Fountain / 14.08.2011

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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