Single-lever mixers: sustainable technology comes in many forms

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    Environmental benefits of the world’s most popular tap

    Taps are crucial to the functionality of any modern bathroom. Whether it is on the washbasin, over the tub or in the shower, the tap controls the volume and temperature of the water at the draw-off point and makes a major contribution to the consumers’ wellbeing and comfort. The most common type of tap is the single-lever mixer, and one of the world’s best-selling models is the Eurosmart from GROHE. Combining low water consumption with a comfortable user experience, GROHE single-lever mixers come in a wide range of designs suitable for bathrooms of all types, sizes and decors. An instrument of sustainability
    Single-lever mixers offer many benefits in everyday use. They are intuitive and easy to operate, further enhanced with GROHE’s SilkMove® technology ensuring long-lasting smooth operation of the lever. Users can set the amount and temperature of the water precisely and effortlessly. Quick adjustment of the water volume and temperature means a more economical use of valuable resources and ensures that a single-lever mixer operates much more sustainably than a two-handle mixer, for instance. The water always flows in the desired quantity and temperature without lengthy testing and readjusting.

    Even more water and, hence, money can be saved by the use of a flow limiter, which is pre-installed in many GROHE taps. Single-lever mixers equipped with GROHE EcoJoy® guarantee a defined flow volume of only 5.7 litres per minute, regardless of any pressure fluctuations. Taps featuring GROHE SilkMove® ES are special in that the default centre position is actually the “cold” setting. This design reliably prevents water from being heated unintentionally by opening the lever from its standard centre position in situations where cold water is perfectly fine – a simple but effective step forward towards a greener future without compromising on water enjoyment.

    GROHE’s EcoJoy Technology
    Products featuring resource-efficient GROHE EcoJoy® technology meet the requirements of national building energy efficiency labels and can therefore be specified by planners and architects without requiring additional local certification. In addition, many GROHE EcoJoy® products bear the Water Efficiency Label (WELL) of the European sanitary valve industry. This certification confirms maximum sustainability and helps operators identify the right taps for their specific properties.

    Single-lever mixer variants for washbasins, bathtubs and showers
    Single-lever mixers for washbasins are available in many different shapes and sizes. GROHE offers a vast range – from compact to extra-large, from cylindrical to oval to square – to meet all space requirements, environments and tastes. The form and height of the spout are dictated by the shape and type of the washbasin, in order to avoid splashing and to provide sufficient room for the hands in the case of freestanding vessels or especially flat basins. Finding the perfect combination is made easy by the GROHE BestMatch™ configurator, which is available online or as an app. Needless to say, single-lever mixers are installed not only on washbasins but also – in the form of on-the-wall or concealed fittings – over bathtubs and in showers, allowing designers and consumers to create bathrooms that are sustainable, highly functional and design-coordinated at the same time.

    Daniel Fountain / 31.07.2015

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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