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    A week or so ago the indefatigable David Balmer invited me to the Crosswater nest near the Dartford Crossing for a preview of the launch of the new Crosswater Digital controls and a look at their revamped showroom. Since my last visit some months ago the company has grown in the hotel sector considerably winning contracts from, among others, Hilton. Their large car park bore testament to this, being almost full, and David remarked they were beginning to kick against the walls.

    It is good to see a British company that is investing in research and development and bringing new products into the market place with confidence and verve. The company is showcasing its new products, part of a series of launches over the next few months some of which I can’t talk about yet.What I can talk about is the new digital control system devised by Crosswater. I was talking with a US based designer recently about electronic controls in the bathroom and her response was ‘why on earth would you want them’? Well, speaking as someone who has enjoyed a simple electronic shower control for years now, I can say that being able to push a button and step into a shower that is set exactly at the right temperature before I get even my hand wet is a real delight in the mornings (as we all know the US is decades behind Europe in decadence anyway, we are Athens to their Rome.)

    The idea that I might be able to start a bath or my shower from the breakfast table or whilst in bed is delightful, but the Crosswater system takes it further than this enabling you, if you are so inclined, to put the plug in and run you bath as you watch the end of the match on your telly. The mobile phone app (currently only available for some minority make of fruity phone, but soon on sensible devices too) enables this degree of control too.

    Daniel Fountain / 16.03.2013

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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