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    Roca places a huge importance on innovation, design and style and its new Modo collection is the epitome of all three. Modo’s unique quality is that it can be moulded and sculptured into bespoke and individual pieces ready to suit all interior décors. It has been created using Roca’s new and exclusive material SURFEX® – a breakthrough in manufacturing technique and an unprecedented evolution in bathroom design.

    SURFEX® is a malleable solid surface material formulated from a combination of minerals and resins, allowing for the creation of shapes that were unthinkable until now. The Modo range offers a complete bathroom suite from basins to freestanding baths, which can be completely bespoke. The SURFEX solution is poured into the production mould, which allows for complex design pieces with no joints and seams. The flexibility of this material allows for complete free reign in creating different shapes and sizes.

    Alan Dodds, Managing Director of Roca UK comments, “The level of thought and creativity that has gone into developing the Modo collection is tremendous. Using the innovative SURFEX formulation, defined angles and shapes can be formed that other materials simply couldn’t create. From the design to the finishing touches, the material is really what makes this range stand out.”


    Geometric design lines
    The SURFEX material creates curves, straight lines and angles with precision. With Round, Soft and Square basin bowl shapes available as standard, customers can choose basin shapes and sizes, tap positions, and additional options such as towel holders and basin countertop skirts. To ensure the design lines are kept clean, the basin overflow is hidden and built-in to Modo basins.

    A sustainable solution
    The sustainability is at the heart of the Modo collection as it consists of organic and 100% recyclable materials. Any product that is made of SURFEX material can be reprocessed in the future as well as being easily repairable. SURFEX’s special composition makes it possible to preserve the temperature for longer, saving water and energy, as well as using low chemical emissions in the creation process. The material is certified as complying with international standards that guarantee its suitability for interior use, even in the most sensitive areas used by children.

    Long-wearing furniture
    Modo was designed to be a collection that lasts. It’s high resistance to chemical agents and UV light makes for a long-wearing surface, perfect for a family or communal bathroom. The solid surface offers a pure white finish, with a delicate, soft, matt texture that makes the surface pleasant to touch. Due to its mineral nature and polishing process, SURFEX is also extremely anti-slip, making it safe to use in even humid areas of the bathroom space.

    Total hygiene
    Because of its robust and smooth nature, every surface is easy to clean. Being virtually fireproof and resistant to extreme environments, any stain can be easily removed from a SURFEX surface, returning it to its original appearance.

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    Guest Author / 19.01.2018


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