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    The Wandsworth Group has launched a Bluetooth version of its innovative ‘i-fi’ docking station, enabling wireless MP3 play-back for any Bluetooth enabled device.Believed to be the first Bluetooth innovation of its kind on the UK market, the discreet 50mm x 50mm wall mounted-unit is designed to pair with any Bluetooth phone or music media storage device capable of streaming music data files via Bluetooth technology when the user comes within range. Unlike Wandsworth’s existing i-fi unit, the Bluetooth unit does not include a docking station as it can communicate with the device anywhere in the room and within the Bluetooth range and the user simply selects the music playlist or podcast file from their device to play it through either the inbuilt, external or speaker system linked to an existing Hi-Fi set up via the aux output.

    Explains head of sales of The Wandsworth Group, Andy Howe “Space-efficient, wall-mounted docking stations have become increasingly popular in the wiring accessories market because so many people now store their music collection on their mobile devices rather than in hard copy. Our new Bluetooth i-fi takes that thinking one step further and allows the user to play back their MP3 files without attaching their device to the unit, which also ensures that unit design can be smaller and less obtrusive than anything else available.”

    While many docking station products are compatible only with Apple devices, the new Wandsworth Bluetooth i-fi can be used with any Bluetooth-enabled device that plays MP3 files, including mobile phones, android phones, tablets, laptops and MP3 players. The unit can be installed along with a Wandsworth speaker system or can be retrofitted to operate with existing amplifiers and is available in any Wandsworth ‘Series Two’ finish or as a custom-made special.

    Howe continues: “The flexibility of this unit makes it ideal for the hotel sector or student accommodation developments because it is compatible with such a wide range of devices and has such a small plate size. We also expect it to be a popular product for the residential market where multiple units would allow the end user to move from room to room with uninterrupted play back and in the commercial sector it could offer some serious wow factor for the boardroom.

    This ingenious device even has its place in the world of medicine where, installed in operating theatres, it could provide some peaceful background music for minor operations allowing the surgeon to listen to his or her favourite classical track to relax the mood of the room.

    Once again Wandsworth has proved the company’s drive to innovate and our ability to keep pace with both developments in technology and consumer trends.”

    Daniel Fountain / 23.02.2012

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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