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    HOTEL ATMOSPHERES entices customers with freedom from Axor Bouroullec

    Paris is as famous for its culture and lifestyle as it is for the scope it gives to individual expression: innumerable creative and original thinkers, even mavericks, have left their mark on the City of Lights; names like Sartre, Lagerfeld and Coco Chanel as well as what has become known as Paris ’68 bear testimony to that reputation. The new HOTEL ATMOSPHERES on the rive gauche fully embraces this spirit of freedom: the hotel bathrooms feature the Axor Bouroullec collection that can accommodate personal preferences like no other. The collection was developed jointly by Axor, the designer brand of Hansgrohe SE, and the French designers Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec. The open system of Axor Bouroullec is ideally suited to meet the requirements of a boutique hotel endeavouring to offer a diverse clientele the ultimate in creature comforts. Shelves in the bathroom, a special feature of this collection, are especially useful in a hotel bathroom: so often hotel guests are unable to find a spot in the bathroom where they could place the things they are accustomed to, or they find that the facilities for use of water do not take the ergonomics and the spatial environment into consideration, only offering standard solutions that are often not even very functional.

    Axor Bouroullec provides freedom of choice
    By contrast, the design of Axor Bouroullec features a functional landscape of shelves arranged around the wash basin – shelves that guests are free to use as they see fit: no more soap dishes integrated into the basin that are designed for that sole purpose and nothing else. Arranged at different heights around the wash basin are various shelves that will accommodate all kinds of items, in addition to the soap and the mixer. The collection also “liberates” the mixer from its traditional place centred at the back of the wash basin. The levers can be arranged in any way that pleases the user and makes sense – even to let water flow from the console above the basin, something that amazes guests at the HOTEL ATMOSPHERES: it is both a stroke of genius and a convenient idea from Axor and the designers, the brothers Bouroullec. In the words of a French trade magazine: “C’est l’avant-garde! The first wash basin without a mixer!”

    With Axor Bouroullec, the interior architect Vincent Bastie could choose from a collection comprising about 90 products, thus providing a perfect solution for the most diverse range of settings and circumstances. The minimalist, yet not quite geometric design of the multi-award-winning Axor Bouroullec collection represents understatement at the highest level.
    A compact interpretation in the “Solo” room, a generously spaced arrangement in the “Junior Suite” and other combinations of Axor Bouroullec are spread throughout the multi-faceted hotel: at the HOTEL ATMOSPHERES, guests are spoilt for choice, a pleasure akin to the discoveries of the “Esprit de Paris”.

    The boutique hotel is half gallery, half luxury hotel
    A preoccupation with the personality of this metropolis along the river Seine comes through in the 56 rooms, including two suites and two apartments: the individual designs reflect different facets of the city and prompt guests to choose their personal favourite world: “Nature”, “Palace” or “Urban” are some of the themes; additional spatial designs are interpretations of themes like “Monuments”, “Macarons” (macaroons, a popular almond pastry), and the night life. Over a hundred images by photographer Thierry des Ouches link the arts theme with the Paris lifestyle. The photographs on display throughout the hotel are for sale, in effect adding an art gallery to this exquisite hospitality establishment.

    With a fitness room and sauna, this three-star hotel housed in two fully renovated old buildings offers the level of comfort of an international hotel. Part of the contemporary presentation of the HOTEL ATMOSPHERES undoubtedly the loft style of its spaciously redesigned ground floor, featuring bare brick walls and contrasting with the salon atmosphere prevailing in the guest rooms: upholstered beds and colourful highlights, modern classics and baroque quotations. It is the perfect complement to its location in the exciting centre of Paris and the characteristic mix of Notre Dame, Louvre and Musee d’Orsay only minutes away, in proximity to the markets exuding Paris flair, and the elegant fashion establishments, the boutiques in the small side streets of the Boulevard Saint- Germain, and the legendary Café Les Deux Magots. The hotel embraces the versatility of Paris in terms of its style, culture and hospitality and interprets these in its own individual way.

    Daniel Fountain / 19.03.2013

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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