New HQ: Crosswater’s Development so far

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    The commission of a new headquarters for Crosswater Holdings was announced in September 2013; and what a journey it has been so far.Since the commission last September, we’ve been working enthusiastically with the architects to make Crosswater’s new headquarters bigger and better for business. Consolidating five warehouses into just one and three separate offices in to two floors and all under one roof, this 131,000 square foot development will not only make the everyday running of Crosswater easier, it will also have a brand new trade showroom for visitors too.

    With the continued growth of the Crosswater business, we’ve outgrown our current HQ, so we’re moving on to pastures new; along with our sister brand European Bathrooms. The new 4.73 acre location in the Bridge Business Park, Dartford will have 28,000 square feet of offices, training facilities and recreational space for staff, not forgetting a showroom with all our latest products on display.

    The operational benefits of merging 5 warehouses into one means our warehouse operators can pick orders quicker and easier and will give us more room, moving from 6k of pallet space to 17k – but moving over 5,000 stock lines will be one of our biggest tasks by far! This process will begin in June, with the office move over being planned for July 2014.

    We’ve got a camera set up taking pictures every 15 minutes 12 hours a day, so stay tuned to our Twitter page (@CrosswaterLtd) for more news and pictures of the development every week!

    To see the progress so far for yourself, watch our time lapse video below:

    Daniel Fountain / 22.05.2014

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