New Hotel Range from Wandsworth Offers Style and Function

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    The Wandsworth Group has launched a complete, co-ordinated hotel sector offer from KNX and wiring accessories specialist Jung.Jung’s exclusive UK distributor, The Wandsworth Group can now offer an integrated suite of KNX building control systems tailored specifically for the hotel market to provide seamless lighting, temperature, audio-visual and blind controls. The result is a hotel environment that offers both wow factor and enhanced comfort for the guest, while reducing energy consumption and costs for the hotel operator. Individual room control panels can be clearly labelled with international symbols and lit with LEDs, with centralised control of integrated services in simple to operate two- or four-gang units. KNX room controllers can be installed to control and display individual elements such as room temperature, blinds and music, allowing guests to customise their room environment to suit their own tastes.

    While each guest can control the settings for the KNX system in their own room, the user-friendly hotel systems have also been designed to allow the hotel management team control, monitoring and visualisation of all integrated controls for all hotel rooms, public areas and back of house. Jung Facility Pilot software enables all of this functionality on a single PC or touch screen unit allowing the front of house team to set the ideal temperature for a room before guests arrive, for example, or switch off all lighting and air conditioning to save energy after guests have checked out.

    The functionality of the range’s KNX control systems is matched by the stylish design of its wiring accessories range, which includes a variety of switches and sockets for all international socket systems to enable hotel groups to adopt a unified look across their entire portfolio. The range includes both recessed and surface mounted designs and sockets and switches can be co-ordinated with ISDN and DSL units, Schuko hinged lidded sockets for safe use in bathrooms, a wall mounted FM radio and temperature controls also compliment the range.

    The Wandsworth Group can also supply a range of safety and security products to co-ordinate with the range including card-key units, an over-sized rocker door access switch, control units for automatic door systems and do not disturb indicator panels.

    Comments Gordon Fry, KNX technical specialist, at The Wandsworth Group, “Controllability of the hotel environment is important both to the guests and the hotel operators and our new KNX systems offer this in a very simple to operate format that enhances guest comfort and provides the hotel operator with management and energy efficiency benefits. A coherent interior design style that can be co-ordinated across the hotel and rolled out around the world is also an important trend and this range offers six different design options and a host of colours and finishes to ensure a quality finish for any style-conscious hotel.”

    Daniel Fountain / 02.12.2011

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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