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    Constantly striving to ensure its piping systems and equipment meet the demands of modern working environments, Geberit has approved a new electrofusion box for improved connection of its Geberit HDPE and Geberit Silent-db20 systems.Geberit has worked with UK-based company Advance Welding to produce the AW315G, which offers superior performance and greater overall efficiency during the welding process compared to its predecessors.

    The AW315G, 110v electrofusion box is a highly efficient way of connecting pipes and fittings using extreme heat and pressure produced during welding to make simple, reliable, rigid joints between the pipes. The heat is produced from flowing a constant electrical current flow through the embedded heater wires within the sleeve fitting, which is placed around the two pipes, to produce the heat required, while the required pressure to make the joint is obtained via the shrinking of the fitting under welding conditions.

    The new improved AW315G electrofusion box is capable of automatically welding couplings of up to 315mm at 110v and is far less susceptible to voltage fluctuation and handling damage for greater reliability on site. Competitively priced at a similar point as the outgoing Geberit 110V box, the new AW315G can also be serviced and repaired in the UK, making maintenance a far simpler task.

    The new AW315G, available from Advance Welding, is now fully approved by Geberit for use with Geberit HDPE and Geberit Silent-db20. The 240V ESG 40/200 and starter switch remain in the Geberit range

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    Daniel Fountain / 01.03.2013

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