Naturalmat Hotel launches new website alongside new hotel partnerships

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    Naturalmat, the UK’s leading manufacturer of organic, natural fibre mattresses have recently launched the new Naturalmat Hotel website,, a website devoted to hoteliers around the world, alongside the announcement of several new hotel partnerships, including Six Sense’s Duoro Valley Luxury Resort.Six Senses Hotels Resorts and Spas are located in some of the world’s most exotic and beautiful locations and the emphasis is on relaxation and complete luxury. The Six Senses team approached Naturalmat in 2014 looking for a sleep solution for the Duoro Valley Hotel in Portugal a fabulous converted manor house with 57 rooms and suites. Naturalmat developed a sumptuous natural fibre and spring mattress for all the hotels rooms as well as a custom bed base and mattress topper, all designed to maximise comfort and provide that all important, luxury feel.

    Just outside Barcelona is the Mas Salagros Eco Resort a hotel dedicated to applying a natural and sustainable approach to every aspect of the business. Mas Salagros needed a partner who could add to the comfort of its guests as well as enhance their green credentials and approached Naturalmat with this in mind. Naturalmat developed a 3 tiered sleep system which includes a handmade bed base, mattress and luxurious mattress topper all created from organic and recycled materials, as well as providing organic duvets and pillows to ensure that every element of the bed reflected the hotels commitment to natural living.

    Launching alongside these new hotel partnerships is the new website a userfriendly, goto portal for new and existing hotel customers to explore our range of organic handmade products, to learn more about the Naturalmat approach and find testimonials from existing hotel clients. The new site offers extensive, regularly updated industry focused content, including trends in the hotel and hospitality industry, ethical, environmental and sustainable pieces as well as Naturalmat’s own industry news.

    Naturalmat mattresses offer hoteliers a high quality alternative to poor, low grade synthetic mattresses which have a short life span and offer limited levels of comfort. With their aim of achieving the perfect natural sleeping environment, naturalmat has created a long lasting, sustainable product that is highly environmentally responsible and performs significantly better than its synthetic alternative in terms of comfort and durability.

    To contact Naturalmat, please visit their website here:

    Daniel Fountain / 05.06.2015

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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