Naturalmat and Qbic – The partnership that dreams are made of

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    Naturalmat has been appointed as the official bed supplier for Qbic London City.Qbic, who are pioneers of sustainability in the hotel arena were impressed by Naturalmat’s eco credentials and loved the idea of their guests sleeping on a sustainably sumptuous bed!
    Naturalmat has been hand crafting natural and organic mattresses from their premises on the banks of the River Exe in Devon for the last fifteen years. Each mattress is made by hand using the finest raw materials and all from renewable and sustainable sources.

    So what makes the Qbic Bed so comfy?

    From the bottom up…The Qbic Bed Base
    This Superking size hand crafted bed base is made with a double sprung beech slat system to give the base proper spring and flexibility. It has been robustly constructed to blend Naturalmat’s bed making skills with Qbic’s individual design flair. The finished result is the centrepiece of the uniquely styled Cubi.

    The piece de resistance… The Qbic Mattress
    The Qbic Mattress owes its sublime comfort to the unique combination of natural fibres and fillings. Organic coir fibre (coconut fibre) makes up the mattress core and provides excellent support and spring. Next add organic latex for its hypo-allergenic and naturally breathable properties. Layers of recycled denim (shredded off cuts from jeans manufacturers) make the mattress feel extra sumptuous and its topped with certified organic lambswool (sourced from local farms within a 50 mile radius of our Devon factory). Finally encase in an anti-bed bug quilted cotton mattress cover and hey presto the Qbic mattress is complete.

    The cherry on top – The Qbic Topper
    For total extravagance, Qbic treat their guests to a Naturalmat topper. This is made from extra layers of our organic wool and adds even more lavish comfort to their beds. The filling is quilted into a soft cotton cover and the topper has corner straps to prevent it from moving during the night.

    Test drive our mattresses at Qbic London City. Please use code NATURALMATQBIC to get an exclusive 10% discount on your Qbic booking.

    Click here to buy your own Qbic Bed Base, Qbic Mattress or Qbic Topper.

    Daniel Fountain / 28.07.2014

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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