Miniview: Palau Fugit – a sanctuary designed to disconnect and reconnect

Nestled in the heart of Girona’s Barri Vell, a former Baroque-style palace has been transformed into the Palau Fugit hotel, with inspired interiors by El Equipo Creativo…

guestroom in Palau Fugit Girona

Conceived by architect Marta Granés and engineer-agronomist Stéphane Rouze, Palau Fugit has come to life through collaboration with numerous artists and professionals, all with the vision of creating a space where one can relish life’s little joys. A place to disconnect from the burdensome routine and connect with art, nature, gastronomy, and culture – the very things that make La Vida Plena – A Fulfilling Life.

arched entrance to central courtyard with seating at Palau fugit

Image credit: Salva López

The essence of this hotel’s allure lies in its commitment to providing an exceptional and intimate experience, with luxury residing in the smallest details. Every
material used, every artisan involved, and every product offered is selected with purpose, emphasizing superior quality, reverence for Girona’s environment, and
unparalleled originality.

blue table, terracotta walls with art, gold statement light in reception of Palau Fugit

Image credit: Salva López

The Isern Associats architectural studio, together with El Equipo Creativo’s interior design, have seamlessly blended history and modernity, city life and tranquillity, greenery and stone, public and private spaces. The result is a holistic experience that seamlessly merges tradition and avantgarde into an elegant, welcoming, and carefree ambiance.

inner courtyard with water and sculptural fountain surrounded by trees

Image credit: Salva López

The artistic vision of Frederic Amat springs to life within the courtyard, where he has created the Font de Garotes . This nearly three-meter-tall sculpture, crafted from seven ceramic pieces, has been meticulously glazed and crafted at the Llorenç Artigas de Gallifa workshops. The final result is a unique and inspiring jewel adorning the palace.

The splendour of colour emanates from the murals by Joana Santamans and the illustrations by Sónia Estevez. These paintings adorn the walls, seamlessly bridging the gap between city life and the great outdoors, engaging in a dialogue with the native nature. The illustrations scattered throughout the palace offer poignant reflections on the significance of living in the present moment—an inviting reminder of Palau Fugit’s philosophy, urging us to pause and savour life.

view from bed in guestroom at Palau Fugit across to garden and terrace

Image credit: Salva López

Appealing to the senses, Palau Fugit weaves together olfactory, visual and tactile delights. The hotel’s fragrance, a signature scent of Girona, is a creation of
parfumier Montse Nart from the local company Shizen’na. This woody and floral essence perfectly complements the carefully selected flowers arranged by Judith Bernàcer (My Mother’s Garden). Sourced from nearby surroundings, the fresh blooms infuse the space with vibrancy and colour, serving as a reminder of life’s fleeting and irreplaceable moments. Some areas showcase these flowers encased in ceramic pieces by local artist Núria Gimbernat—pure and elegant creations that evoke the palace’s serene and soothing style.

view through doorway to pink and blue seat and ceramic vase with flowers

Image credit: Salva López

The hotel’s rooms, housed in both the Palauet and the Pavelló, exude a cozy sophistication that masterfully blends the past with the contemporary. Guests will encounter original fireplaces designed by the renowned Girona architect , juxtaposed with modern combinations of steel and wood, complemented by intricately woven rattan headboards. Carefully curated, a total of 25 rooms offer a truly immersive experience.

The accommodations exude spaciousness, elegance, and sophistication. High ceilings, sinuous furnishings, sculpted stone vanities, and vivid colours inspired by Girona Temps de Flors(Girona’s Festival of Flowers) create a palatial experience with contemporary design and comforts. In the heart of the hotel, the Pavelló is
distinguished by the luminous patio and the surrounding arched columns, creating a warm and relaxed Mediterranean ambiance.

view across hotel rooftop and Girona overlooking pool terrace and umbrellas

Image credit: Salva López

Beyond the rooms, the hotel boasts various spaces designed to enrich the experience of La Vida Plena: La Cova d’Aigua, a wellness area; , El Pati an outdoor swimming pool; ,Casa Heras the hotel’s own restaurant , El Gipsy a sophisticated cocktail bar; and , El Terrat a rooftop offering breathtaking views of Girona’s first wall. These diverse spaces provide the perfect setting to experience moments surrounded by history and culture

Main image credit: Salva López