Maximising your guests’ in-hotel experience through interior design

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    From time-saving conveniences to luxurious treats and perks, anything you can do to design a space that puts the demands and needs of guests on a pedestal will get you one step closer to loyal, happy customers who’ll spend stay after stay in your hotel…

    There are options galore when it comes to upgrading the layout and interior design of your hotel in the name of improved guest satisfaction. If you’re on a mission to maximise guest experiences forever more, with a little help from our friends at Henryka, we’ve got a few big ideas you can implement to transform your hotel from mere accommodation into a luxurious departure from everyday life.

    Luxurious lobbies

    The gateway to all experiences that follow, your hotel lobby is your one and only opportunity to create an instant positive impression on guests. The world’s most opulent and inviting lobbies typically make use of decadent yet minimalist design – with striking geometric shapes, stripped-back colour schemes and large, airy atriums all being mainstays of the luxury hotel lobby.

    In recent times, hotel architects and interior designers have driven a shift in how lobbies are used by guests – using strategic design to encourage their use as a vibrant communal area where exhibits and even entertainment can take place. To level up guest experiences in your hotel, consider how your functional lobby can be upgraded to a large, open lounge where there’s much more on the menu than check ins and check outs.

    Irresistible concessions stands

    Food is the way to almost any guest’s heart, making concessions stands serving edibles a must for any hotel designer looking to provide a truly flavourful and filling experience to all. From sweets and snacks to breakfast options and refreshing beverages, the world is your oyster when it comes to what to offer – regardless, your guests will be left hungry for more.

    Besides edibles, there are other equally delicious options available when it comes to concessions stands – such as mini retail outlets selling jewellery, tickets to local events, and souvenirs for friends and family back home, to name but a few examples. Depending on your hotel’s brand, some of these may not be suitable – the key, as always, is to identify what sets your hotel apart and reflect this theme in everything from the overall design to the finer details.


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    Streamlined guest journeys

    The journey guests take through your hotel should be no accident, especially considering the myriad of ways this route can be engineered in an aim to improve overall customer satisfaction. Borrowing from best-practice merchandising techniques used in brick-and-mortar retail environments, you can strategically design the overall layout of the space – ensuring guests are never far from an opportunity to treat themselves within the walls of your hotel.

    Whatever concessions and amenities you have on offer, guests should have immediate access to everything their heart desires – with a logical and unobstructed route through the lobby and communal area so that everything is within reach and immediately visible (or as close as you can get). In a practical sense, access to all areas of your hotel should be within easy reach for customers of all ages and, of course, for disabled guests, too. Inclusivity is non-negotiable in any hotel – and every attempt to go above and beyond to accommodate your guests will be acknowledged and appreciated.

    Itinerary-planning extras

    Particularly important in the case of those visiting for pleasure rather than business, freebies and takeaways designed to help guests plan their trip are always well received. Including in your reception area and lobby brochures, leaflets and flyers for local events and attractions will mean that your guests can begin putting their holiday itinerary together from the moment they enter your hotel.

    However, for bonus points, you can go the extra mile and pursue partnerships with local businesses offering exciting tours, workshops and more, and provide exclusive discounts or passes to these experiences for your guests – as a thank you for choosing your hotel over nearby competitors. Whichever of these perks you provide in your hotel, ensure displays are high-quality, uncluttered and meticulously organised – contributing to a minimal luxury aesthetic, and enhancing your hotel’s brand image.

    Your guests deserve the best from check in to check out – and as the needs of travellers continue to evolve, it’s up to hotel chains large and small to ensure that everything that happens during a guest’s experience helps to build a reputation for reliability, convenience and unmatched comfort. By implementing these important changes, you can take the first step towards becoming the hotel brand you want to be.

    Hamish Kilburn / 29.05.2018


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