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    Sekers proudly introduces Kiboko, a versatile upholstery with a subtle grained leather design. Available in a range of 23 colours, from rich, stylish neutrals and browns to vibrant blues, reds and oranges, Kiboko offers a diverse choice of colour.
    Incorporating Aquaclean, an advanced nano-technology finish that helps protect the fabric against spills and stains without having to resort to specialist cleaning, Kiboko resists the toughest of stains, including red wine and permanent marker.

    Supplied with crib 5 backing and with an outstanding abrasion performance of 200,000 rubs, Kiboko is an ideal upholstery choice for the contract market, from pubs and hotels to cruise ships, meeting all relevant UK and IMO standards for upholstery.

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    Daniel Fountain / 09.12.2015

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