Introducing the latest additions to the GROHE New Tempesta line of showers

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    GROHE New Tempesta is a line of showers with a lot of value for money in terms of innovative technologies, varied designs and versatile spray patterns. The latest generation of the classic showers is an all-rounder for major projects in particular. The latest additions to the range include a mono spray pattern model without aeration and a shower system priced to fit into smaller budgets.The newly designed showers GROHE New Tempesta and GROHE New Tempesta Cosmopolitan come in a variety of shapes and styles. GROHE New Tempesta comes with four different spray patterns including Rain, GROHE Rain O2, Massage and Jet spray patterns that will trigger different sensations on the skin – from a soft rain shower to an effervescent tingle and a pulsating massage to a firm and stimulating jet. All showers incorporate GROHE DreamSpray® technology which channels water evenly to all nozzles, resulting in highly precise spray patterns and the large 100 mm diameter of the shower head allows the spray patterns to unfold to full effect.

    New products: Mono-spray shower and shower system
    Planners of healthcare facilities will be pleased to see the addition of a mono-spray shower variant to the GROHE New Tempesta range; the soft Rain pattern is not aerated in order to meet the enhanced hygiene requirement in the healthcare sector. The ergonomically shaped handle gives users a comfortable and safe grip on the handshower. Should the shower nevertheless be dropped, a silicon ring wrapping around the shower head protects both the shower tray and the chrome surface of the shower against damage.

    The second new product is the GROHE New Tempesta Cosmopolitan shower system. The 390 mm long shower arm can be swivelled for a personalised shower experience and the 160 mm head shower produces a rich and full-bodied Rain spray. For peace of mind throughout the shower the system incorporates the sleek and minimalist Grohtherm 1000 Cosmopolitan Thermostat using GROHE TurboStat®, which completely eliminates the risk of hot and cold shocks resulting from fluctuating pressure in the water pipes.

    All GROHE New Tempesta showers represent state of the art shower engineering. GROHE CoolTouch® technology prevents the user from scalding as it creates a barrier between the hot water and the outer chrome surface. GROHE StarLight® ensures that the showers and fittings retain their sheen for a long time and are protected against scratching and soiling. Last but not least, SpeedClean technology means that the lime build-up on the shower nozzles can simply be wiped off with your fingers.

    Models are optionally available with the innovative GROHE EcoJoy® technology which enables responsible resource management – users can save water on a daily basis without compromising on the enjoyment of the shower.

    A perfect match
    The variety of variants ranges from head showers and handshowers to 600 or 900 mm long shower rail sets as well as wall holder sets for bathtubs to complete shower systems. The wide range meets the most diverse installation requirements and all products are designed for a particularly easy installation.

    Daniel Fountain / 10.01.2013

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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