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    To celebrate Innovations’ 40th anniversary, they are reaching far back into their archive to bring back timeless wallcoverings from their early years! Finding inspiration from the interiors of train cars in Japan, their design team created a group of Type III vinyl wallcoverings durable enough to withstand just about anything—even the test of time. These wallcoverings represent Innovations’ history and remain current to this very day, and are now available via Altfield. Mesa pops to life with raised boxes that are just as fun to look at as they are to touch.

    Speckled with tiny, raised dots the same colour as its glittering ground, Lonhide keeps with the raised features theme, but in a subtle and delicate way.

    Lonrib is comprised of sleek, fine, vertical lines, every other one dipping into the crease, creating beautiful, pronounced ridges.
    Like Lonrib, Lonstripe also contains vertical lines that cascade all the way down the wall in effervescent metallic colours. This stripe is wider and more pronounced for a distinct linear look.

    The whole collection is available in an assortment of classic metallic colors including copper (the Innovations colour of the year), silver, platinum, bronze, and gold, making these wallcoverings as relevant today as they were when they were first introduced back in 1983.

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    Daniel Fountain / 05.06.2015

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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