Innovation at the very lightest of touches with Geberit Sigma70

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    Setting itself apart from other WC flush plates in terms of looks and performance, Geberit has launched its most revolutionary and innovative flush system yet, the Geberit Sigma70 featuring new Dual Hydraulic Servo technology.Making activation of the flush almost effortless, Geberit is pioneering new technology with its latest flush plate, while its beautiful design enables it to fit seamlessly into the contemporary bathroom or washroom. With its patented technology concealed within the cistern, architects are left to enjoy unparalleled levels of design freedom

    Made out of a single piece of glass or stainless steel for a minimalist finish, Geberit Sigma70 uses patented hydraulic and pneumatic power to activate the flush, which is triggered by the very lightest of touches by the user.

    In fact, the innovative hydraulic servo actuation, the first of its kind for WC flush plates, means the user needs only to apply slight pressure in order to activate the flush. A slight push on the left side of the plate flushes solids clean away, while gently pushing on the right side flushes liquids.

    With this clever technology neatly hidden behind the wall or tiles, the flush plate’s beautiful rimless design gives it the illusion of floating above the wall. The Geberit Sigma70 flush plate is available in a choice of finishes including brushed stainless steel, and white, black or umber glass and a bespoke option for a truly individual finish.

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    Daniel Fountain / 18.09.2014

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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