How do you manage your light fixtures?

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    Cost reductions without sacrificing quality is a hotelier’s top priority, but do you realise how much money you could be saving with the right light fixtures?

    When you run a hotel, it is important that profit is at the forefront of your mind. Essentially, this means you need to try and save money where possible, without compromising quality or guest experience, of course.

    One area that you should look to is your lighting system. It is a rather large part of your hotels infrastructure and, therefore, your cost allocation. In fact, did you know that 40% of your electricity usage is taken up by your hotel’s lighting?

    Additionally, your lighting system can also take up a huge amount of your maintenance time and budget, as bulbs need to be changed regularly and any lighting faults fixed quickly.

    So, how can you reduce your lighting costs as well as ensuring longevity?

    Regular, scheduled maintenance of your entire lighting system will ensure that any issues are dealt with quickly, limiting the chances of breakdowns. This will not only save time and money, but will ensure that your system is running at its optimum level, increasing its life expectancy.

    Switch To LED
    The days of traditional fluorescent tube lighting are well and truly over. Not only are they a major source of energy wastage, but when they get to the end of their life the energy costs increase even more, plus the lighting becomes poor.

    If you haven’t already, then a complete replacement of your lighting system to an LED system is advisable. Your energy costs will be dramatically reduced, in some cases up to 90%. On top of this, LED lighting lasts, generally for over 8 years. This reduces the need for replacements which cost money and time, as well as ruining your customers experience of your hotel as they negotiate faulty lighting and repair teams. Similarly, this also minimises the need for regular maintenance, as LEDs run with little issue. If a failure does occur, repairs are simple and quick.

    Lighting Controls
    In a hotel environment, it is essential that your lighting system is linked to some form of intelligent control. This will help reduce unnecessary usage, lower your energy bills and increase the life span of your lights.

    For example, you may want to consider sensor lights in certain areas of your hotel, so that lights switch off in a room that is not occupied. Or a bedroom lighting system that is triggered by the introduction of a room key, thus limiting the chances of the lights being kept on when guests have left the room. Daylight sensors are also ideal for saving energy, as they adjust the artificial light alongside the natural light to create a balance.

    Maintenance companies can offer a comprehensive planned maintenance schedule which will take into account all aspects of your hotel, including your lighting, to ensure that your equipment stays running for as long as possible. Additionally, they will be able to install or update your lighting system to make sure it is energy efficient, again, reducing your outgoings significantly and the longevity of the system. This allows you time to concentrate on the important aspects of your hotel and make sure the future is bright!

    Toby Cruse / 13.03.2018


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