Hotel Designs announces partnership with HoteliersGuild

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    Hotel Designs announces partnership with HoteliersGuild

    With the aim to strengthen both brand’s relationships within the international hotel design and hospitality industry, while continuing to serve their readers with quality content, Hotel Designs and HoteliersGuild have entered into a media partnership that will include editorial and event collaboration…

    HD : HoteliersGuild

    With the aim to share engaging and relevant content beyond its already existing loyal readers, Hotel Designs has formed a media partnership with HoteliersGuild, the private society for discerning luxury hoteliers.

    “There are so many different strands to this partnership, which is what makes it so exciting,” explained Katy Phillips, publisher, Hotel Designs. “What’s more, with hospitality starting to awake from the the Covid-19 pandemic, we hope that by working with HoteliersGuild it allows us to form even stronger relationships with leading hoteliers and developers globally in order to continue to create conversations on Hotel Designs like no other.”

    The partnership, which will include event and editorial collaborations, has been designed to enhance both brand’s authentic identities, while strengthening editorial integrity. “One of Hotel Designs’ key pillars as a brand is meaningful collaborations,” added Hamish Kilburn, editor, Hotel Designs. “Therefore, it was only when speaking to the editorial team at HoteliersGuild when the alliance was truly formed. Since our rebranding in 2018, Hotel Designs has evolved with the industry it serves. Partnerships like these are integral, especially during times like these when togetherness is a key theme.”

    As a partner, and with the continued aim to establish an international voice, Hotel Designs has invited Frank M. Pfaller, Founder President of HoteliersGuild, to become a judge for The Brit List Awards 2021.

    With nominations and applications opening on May 10, 2021, this year’s awards campaign will include eight awards, including the Rising Star of the Year award, which will make its debut with the purpose to support and celebrate young professionals who are exceptional.

    This year’s categories for The Brit List Awards 2021 are:

    • Interior Designer of the Year
    • Architect of the Year
    • Hotelier of the Year
    • Best in Tech
    • The Eco Award
    • Rising Star of the Year
    • Best in British Product Design
    • International Award
    • Outstanding Contribution to the Hospitality Industry

    In addition to the individual awards, the top 25 entries in the interior designer, architect and hotelier category will be profiled in the annual publication, The Brit List, which will be released at the awards ceremony on November 3, 2021 at Proud Galleries London.

    Hamish Kilburn / 21.04.2021


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