Holistic Showering With Rio Revive

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    You may think you see colour, but did you know you also feel it? Light comes in many different wavelengths and frequencies that hit the retina, which then translates these invisible “vibrations” as a different colour to your brain. Early Greek, Egyptian and Chinese civilizations, recognizing that little grows without light, theorized that the many colours that make up visible light had individual powers that influence emotions and systems of the body.

    Today, many recognize chromotherapy – changing coloured light – as a helpful holistic healing method, and now you can enjoy the experience at home with the Rio Revive shower system from Crosswater which cycles through three stimulating colours.

    The system has a waterproof remote control that can be wall mounted, and the 600mm showerhead is ultra-thin for seamless recessing into the ceiling of your shower for the ultimate showering experience. Choose from a comprehensive range of Italian designed and made, quality Crosswater shower valves to operate the Rio Revive for the complete, modern bathroom look. Offering a double waterfall and rainfall feature, the flat panel head is for high water pressure only. Like all products with lights requiring mains power, Rio Revive must be installed by an electrical engineer in compliance with IEE wiring regulations. The system comes with a ten year guarantee and is made to order.

    Daniel Fountain / 13.02.2014

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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