Hamilton launches new ‘Vogue™’ White Wiring Accessories

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    Hamilton Litestat has launched a new white plastic range of wiring accessories aptly named ‘Vogue’- featuring a contemporary new design of white moulded bevelled edged products. Gavin Williams, Hamilton Litestat Marketing Manager says: “We have designed and launched Vogue in direct response to interior trends and consumer demand. The move towards simple and subtle is clear. In terms of finishes: lots of neutral whites, subtle blends of bronze tones and the understated are the look of the moment. We have applied the exact same care and attention to detail to this new range as we pay to our designer collections and bespoke pieces. Featuring a sleek white plastic finish our aim is to bring our expertise to a tired and predictable product and reinvent it, giving a modern twist and bringing it into the 21st century.”

    Covering the bases
    The styling is contemporary with slim ergonomic front plates and screw covers. Hamilton has literally covered all the bases from installation by the contractor to ease of use by the end user.

    From a practical aesthetic point of view the plates have a slim profile so minimal back box space is required – (16mm switches, 25mm sockets) and the screwcap covers give a sleek finish across all plates. Simple red flashes on the socket “switches” also enhance the aesthetic appeal.

    Attention to detail
    When it comes to installation options, again Hamilton has been thorough. Colour coded terminals offer ultimate simplicity and there are plenty more benefits and advantages included as standard. With the Vogue range, as with their other ranges, Hamilton offers comprehensive dimming solutions with Mains, LV and LED dimming, complete product and Grid options including the company’s award winning LEDstat intelligent LED dimmer.

    Mix and match
    These plates also feature multimedia options including Euro modules, which fit into euro plates compatible for audio and visual/TV. Bespoke Grid solutions are another option with 1 to 8 gang plates and full range of modules (switches, neons, key switches) suitable for residential and commercial use coming as standard. USB charging in switched 1 gang and 2 gang sockets will also be available.

    Nothing left to chance
    Hamilton has really thought of everything: from individually bagging products which protects them right up until installation, to its ‘signature’ orange modules on the back, which make them easier to see when installing in dark areas. Double pole sockets for peace of mind also come as standard so installers can fit and simply forget as do dual earth terminals for high integrity earthing. The attention to detail goes right down to ensuring fixing screws are secured to the back of each plate so they don’t get lost in transit.

    Quality is a given!
    Vogue, like all Hamilton product, is rigorously quality tested. Hamilton’s plate finishes undergo both destructive and non-destructive testing. They are put through many processes to test corrosion proof, scratch proof and the like. All of Hamilton’s switched sockets are ASTA approved.

    For further information on Hamilton’s full range of products and services, please visit: hamilton-litestat.com

    Daniel Fountain / 22.06.2015

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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