Guest Blog: Quick-Wins to Boost your Hotel Design

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    Tom Jager, professional blogger at A-Writer shares his views on how to enhance the look of your hotel.

    Hotel exterior is key

    The look of your hotel is equally important for the revenue as the prices for accommodation and amenities. Starting from the exterior that makes your business more attractive, to the interior that makes them feel comfortable, you must boost the design if you want to increase the number of guests.

    There are many things a hotelier must do to keep their hotel filled with guests. They must hire a great staff, make sure the rooms are impeccably clean, provide great food and prices, and create an excellent marketing strategy.

    But, even if you have this all, you will still find it hard to attract and maintain the customers if your hotel design is not just right. To boost your hotel design and give a great first impression, consider these steps;

    Perfect Lighting

    When it comes to design, lighting should be one of the first things on your list. This tool can help you create an inviting, attractive, and noticeable atmosphere that will instantly catch the eye of the visitor.

    Which would you prefer – a hotel with misty lobby and hallways, or one with incredible chandeliers that light up the entire lobby?

    Start from the exterior and move to the interior. Position your exterior lighting to accent the best features of your hotel’s façade. For the exterior, you can even use LED technology to reduce energy costs.

    Inviting Logo

    Your logo will be placed on many locations throughout the hotel. Starting from the entrance and the façade itself, to the lobby front desk and in the hallways – your logo will be everywhere.

    Make sure to create an excellent logo. If necessary, hire a professional designer to do this for you.

    In addition to the logo, you’ll want to have a nice quote or statement that is unique to your hotel only.

    A home from home

    Hotels love long-term guests, but making your business a place people want to stay in longer is not simple. In order to do this, you must opt for making the rooms in the hotel more hospitable, or home-like.

    Add unique elements to your rooms and hotel interior. This is why hotels started adding kitchenettes as part of their rooms, as well as wall treatments, mix-and-match furniture, etc.

    Be unique. Make your hotel feel home-like.

    Comfortable Lobby

    The second thing your guests will see after the exterior is the lobby and other public areas. To keep them interested in getting a room at your hotel, re-design your lobby.

    This last decade, many front desks were replaced with concierge desks. You perhaps already visited a hotel where you checked in on a comfortable sofa, served by a staff member that sips a cup of coffee with you while booking you a room on his iPad.

    Clean and Maintained Landscape

    Show your guests that you don’t only care about their money, but the property, too. Keep your landscape well-maintained and clean, and repair all things that unkempt.

    Create inviting exterior features, such as waterfalls, walled gardens, panoramic views, etc.

    Technology-improved Experience

    Technology is a sure way to improve the experience of your guests. With it being one of the biggest forces that moves society today, you simply must turn your hotel in what we call ‘a smart hotel’.

    At this point, technology can help you control everything in the hotel. You can now track the time and attendance, accept food orders through an iPad, allow for streaming services in the rooms, and even introduce Li-Fi (lighting-induced internet connection).

    A Touch of Art

    Art trends change depending on types of accommodation, size of hotels, and location. The latest trend in the hotel world is the urban style. Interestingly, the street art we previously saw as vandalism, not art, is now proudly used as part of the design of many hotel exteriors throughout the world.

    Ultimately, it is up to you what kind of art you will include in the design of your hotel. Whatever decision you make, make sure it fits with the remaining elements.

    Wellness Hospitality

    People like to be taken care of, and most guests at your hotel would enjoy the health benefits it offers for them. You will find that more and more travelers become health-conscious, and an increase of wellness hospitality is essential to attract them to your hotel.

    When it comes to hotel design, always aim to embrace change.

    Tom Jager is professional blogger. He works at Awriter. You can reach him at G+ or Facebook.


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