GROHE Sensia® IGS: The next generation shower toilet

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    The GROHE Sensia® redefines the “shower toilet” experience. Delivering optimum hygiene levels to your bathroom, the Sensia® shower toilet is much more than just a bidet and WC combined, and is packed with state-of-the-art features, such as a touchscreen remote control allowing you to save your favourite cleansing settings. Built with high quality, hard wearing and hygienic materials, including Duraplast, the Sensia® IGS demonstrates GROHE’s ability to combine form and function at their best. The temperature, strength and position of the cleansing jet have 7 different settings, including a power and massage cleanse and a separate feminine cleansing function to suit the individual user’s needs. Before and after each use, the cleansing nozzle is automatically rinsed with fresh water. The device also automatically performs thermal disinfection at regular intervals, ensuring excellent hygiene levels are maintained. As soon as you have selected the water temperature, jet strength and cleansing mode, GROHE Sensia® IGS saves your personal profile for your next use.

    Integrated hygiene functions ensure reliable cleanliness so you always feel good – not just during the cleansing process but all day long. Smooth surfaces and a specially enamelled all-ceramic body of the WC make upkeep quick and easy. The Sensia® also features a gentle and warm drying function.

    The GROHE Sensia® IGS has been designed to be gentle on the environment. The toilet has an optional energy saving mode, ensuring that the water is only heated when it is needed. And if you‘re out and about for long periods of time, the holiday program can be activated when your WC isn’t being used.

    The GROHE Sensia® IGS also features:
    • An innovative controller with a rotation and pressure function
    • Touchscreen remote control
    • LED display with subtle night-lighting
    • 4 individually adjustable user profiles
    • Integrated odour extraction
    • Automatic user recognition upon sitting
    • Soft close seat and lid
    • Service hatch for straightforward maintenance

    Daniel Fountain / 22.12.2014

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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