Five Trump hotels among Forbes Travel Guide 2018 Awards winners

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    The Forbes Travel Guide 2018 has awarded a set of hotels their much-coveted 5 stars at this year’s 2018 Star Awards, celebrating the hotels with the best service and facilities from around the globe.

    The publication unveiled 27 new 5 star hotel destinations worldwide, and among the list of newcomers were two Trump hotels: Trump International Hotel & Tower Vancouver, and Intercontinental Hotel Washington,D.C. Another three Trump hotels feature elsewhere in the awards list, so despite the contentious presidency, Trump’s hotels seem to have retained their gold standard.

    Hotels to be awarded the 5 star certificate can be found in territories including China, Brazil, Japan, Morocco, the United Arab Emirates and the United States. The publication review anonymously, and base their reviews on the quality of service and facilities.

    Forbes: “We verify luxury with objective reviewing”

    Forbes say they “verify luxury. Our highly trained inspectors visit every property we rate, evaluating based on up to 900 objective criteria. Our hotel stays span a minimum of two nights”.

    “We pay our own way – no one can buy a rating”

    “We pay our own way. No one can buy a rating; all ratings are earned through our objective inspection process. Our global team of inspectors are anonymous at all times, so they have the same experience as a typical guest”.

    “While we inspect both service and facility, our Star Rating system emphasizes service because your experience at a hotel, restaurant or spa goes beyond looks — how it makes you feel is what you will remember most”.

    Overall, 199 hotels were awarded five star which the publication insist can only go to hotels with “amazing services” and “virtually flawless service”.

    Hotel reviewers work for Forbes throughout the year to gain the research from the world’s top hotels. Below the five star rating is a four star, and then a “recommended” selection, divided into hotels, spas and restaurants.

    For the full list of winners from this year’s awards, visit the official website

    Adam Bloodworth / 21.02.2018


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