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    Fameed Khalique adds two stunning new collections to his materials library on display at their new King’s Road showroom.WELTER | Show-stopping wall adornments
    This new brand to join the collection is pushing the boundaries of craftsmanship and technology to create extraordinary and expressive statement wall designs. Wall coverings have become a valued decorative adornment on an equal footing with other design elements such as lighting, furniture and fabrics, as such there has been a resurgence of innovation in this area. Welter uses a unique coating procedure with authentic materials including brilliant metal foils and glass beads in a vast colour palette.

    A celebration of colour is at the heart of the collection, pigments for every batch are mixed individually and applied by hand using painting and patination techniques or in the screen-printing process. Materials used in the coating vary from noble metals gold, silver and steel, to glass, quartz and pulverized marble.

    A diverse and extensive range of patterns – from modern graphic styles to intricate ornate designs offer many options for sumptuous interiors from private jets, superyachts and luxury hotels with some designs also lending themselves to traditional environments.

    These wall coverings have already starred as dramatic backdrops on the stages of the Oscar Academy Awards, Golden Globe and Emmy Awards.

    WELTER is renowned for its gold leaf and precious metal wallpapers – one collection is made from paper with a metallic finish whilst the other is created from real noble metal leaves.

    Another statement finish revives an ancient process of producing three-dimensional design surfaces using a basis of JHexagram, metal leaf in resin.

    7 Star with Chinoiserie Hand Painting bound chalk and kaolin, originally used to decorate small surfaces such as picture frames or sculptures. This has been modified to enable the material to be applied on larger surfaces. The specialist technique takes 20-30 hours to produce one square metre to achieve the spectacular results using this combination.

    Functionality is a key consideration throughout all Fameed Khalique collections, hand-made wallpapers embedded in solid glass combines the beauty of wallpaper with the functionality of glass-panels giving decorators great new options. These tiles have a mysterious depth with subtle glimmers of silver crystals or metal leaf in various colours.

    As this product is water-resistant it can be used for tabletops, worktops, kitchen-mirrors, in bathrooms, spas and outdoors.

    JAMIE BECKWITH | Rethinking wood surfaces
    Jamie Beckwith is the founder and design visionary behind an innovative offering of wood surfaces inspiring a transformation in how wood is used in interiors.

    Historically, wood flooring has been prized for its durability, warmth and character yet until now, the scope of design has been limited by the range of options available in the marketplace.

    Manufactured within the company’s own production facility in Nashville, Tennessee, each product eschews the concept of conventional uniformity, instead celebrating the inherent imperfections found in wood. Enigma has 14 patterns ranging from classic to decorative and is offered in a number of wood options including oak and walnut as well as contrasting finishes which create an entirely custom installation.

    Projection adds depth and dimension to wall design showcasing the interplay of texture, pattern, light and shadow. The design is offered in six thicknesses that can be arranged in an endless combination of patterns to create an eyecatching design feature.

    The collection is installed ‘unsanded’ to a substrate with a wood adhesive.

    Both collections are available at Fameed Khalique exclusively in the UK and can be viewed at the new showroom.

    This new collection is dedicated to expressing the balance between design, art and functionality to infuse interiors with inventive creativity. The direct application of organic materials reflects the designer’s appreciation of beauty within nature and high-quality artisanal craftsmanship.

    Daniel Fountain / 01.07.2015

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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