Butlin’s Bognor Regis Completes £2.4 Million Nautical Fun Revamp of The Shoreline Hotel Bedrooms

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    Ahoy there me hearties! Earlier this month saw the completion of the £2.4 million nautical revamp of the bedrooms inside the Shoreline hotel at the Butlin’s Bognor Regis resort in West Sussex, as part of the brand’s ongoing investment in providing a high quality, value for money short break experience for families.The Shoreline hotel, which marked the step-change Butlin’s took in transitioning from traditional chalet accommodation to bespoke hotels, has undergone a full internal refurbishment of the accommodation under the skilful eye of Newman Gauge, a commercial interior design consultancy, specialising in leisure and hospitality.

    “The Shoreline hotel refurbishment has been a really exciting process for Newman Gauge” says Sam Stokoe, Project Design Lead, Newman Gauge who led the Interior Design when the hotel was originally built back in 2005.

    “It is great to get the opportunity to create a clearer theme and add more personality and character to the spaces that you have already created; of all 3 hotels we’ve developed for Butlin’s over the last ten years, this one has the best location for waking up and watching the changing sea.”

    The new nautical concept evolved from the original ocean liner shape of the architecture and the buildings close proximity to the sea. Newman Gauge developed the 160 bedroom nautical accommodation with the marketing team at Butlin’s to evoke a sense of being aboard a ship with colourful cabins leading off deck-themed corridors.

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    Daniel Fountain / 06.06.2015

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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