Brutalist Ikea-owned building in New Haven to become a hotel?

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    Reports in the local press suggest an interesting project is underway behind the scenes.

    Plans are underway to turn a Brutalist office building in New England, originally designed by Marcel Breuer and currently owned by Ikea, into a hotel.

    According to local news reports, the Pirelli Tire Building has been the subject of extended discussions over its future, with the Swedish furniture giant – which has a store on the same piece of land – favouring a hotel option.

    Further details are sketchy, beyond a source from the area’s Development Commission confirming that the issue of the building and the hotel redevelopment option has been discussed at its last meeting.

    According Wikipedia, the Pirelli Tire Building was truncated in 2003 to accommodate the construction the IKEA store. And there’s an interesting design connection – IKEA’s furniture has in the past and present been heavily influenced by the Bauhaus school, where Breuer taught.

    We’re slightly excited to see what the hotel possibilities could be.

    Katy Phillips / 27.04.2018



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