Brintons new High Definition Weave Collection

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    Brintons has redefined the detail and colour that can be woven into carpet having engineered a unique specification of loom, that can weave up to 32 colours at any one time. Photorealistic, three-dimensional definition is now achievable as well as infinite design possibilities and greater service flexibility.Brintons celebrates its extraordinary High Definition Weave capability with an exciting range of new collections. Each of the new High Definition Weave collections features a mix of broadloom designs and much larger one-off concepts, which can be rescaled to suit individual projects. Whichever direction you choose our design team can work with you to creatively and cohesively adapt the concepts to distinctive commercial spaces

    Developed by Brinton’s global design team, the collection draws inspiration from all regions of the world. The collection is divided into four design chapters with a style to suit every discerning client and inspire designers for years to come.

    The designs are complex and diverse. For the first time, Brintons’ patented High Definition Weave technology is fully realized in these inspirational designs weaving up to 32 colours and creating stunning effects.

    The four chapters in the collection draw on inspiration from all walks of life:

    Expressions are interpretations of a life less ordinary, an eclectic mix inspired by what we feel as much as what we see.

    New Classics sees traditional fabrics and motifs juxtaposed through progressive reinterpretations.

    Skulduggery is a melting pot of graphical styles screaming with metallic, edgy, hedonistic designs each telling its own story.

    Zuzunaga, the latest from Cristian Zuzunaga, features squared, pixel-based designs and brightly coloured palettes of contrasting colours evident in weaving and wool dying dating back centuries.

    Daniel Fountain / 23.06.2014

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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