Brintons adds custom finishing touches to royal refurbishment

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    World-renowned carpet manufacturer Brintons has collaborated with the luxurious Royal Chace Hotel, North London, to design and supply a unique custom made carpet for their spectacular ballroom.Working in partnership with Brian Nicholas, owner of The Royal Chace Hotel, the individually designed Brintons Axminster carpet was the leading feature in the refurbishment of the hotel’s Queen’s Suite ballroom.

    The large banqueting suite, that hosts 250 guests, was transformed by the 700 metre carpet designed by Stacy Garcia. The modern Persian inspired carpet, detailed in gold motifs against a jewel blue palette, is part of Garcias’ ‘Nouveau Boho Collection’. The regal tones of the design compliment the oak panelled room, whilst adding a touch of modern elegance.

    Brian Nicholas, Owner of The Royal Chace Hotel, said: “The carpet was the central focus of the refurbishment of the ballroom, it is the main feature of the Queen’s Suite, and it wouldn’t have looked complete without it.”

    The stylish four-star hotel is set within five acres of land that overlooks stunning views of Hertfordshire, and the refurbishment of the ballroom was in keeping with the traditional history for which the landscape of the hotel is set within.

    Brian added: “The design retains the old elegant style of the Queen’s Suite whilst bringing a new, modern twist through the elaborate motifs. It is fantastic to still retain the old ambiance of the ballroom whilst adding a new found beauty.”

    Daniel Fountain / 09.10.2015

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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