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    SPA, directly translated means Sanitus Per Aqua – ‘healing through water’. As water is a fundamental part of a spa it is important to consider the environmental impacts of water use. Spa Creators have worked on projects where this has been a consideration and Bala Lake Hotel in Snowdonia National Park is a great example of this. Spa Creators worked with the architect to create a water storage area to hold waste water produced in the filtration and backwash process of their pool. This water is then held to de-chlorify prior to using as grey water for uses around the property. Bala Lake also used a Biomas solid fuel wood pellet system to heat the spa pool and other areas of the hotel.

    Alistair Johnson, founder of Spa Creators commented: ‘this hotel truly has ECO credentials and shows how spa design can embrace this important area in the design and development process’.

    Spa Creators have some very exciting plans for 2015; they are now developing the first low-impact spa project that can be installed into boutique hotels that will use ECO Pods for delivering the spa experience.

    SPAshell was launched by Spa Creators at the independent Hotel Show London and the company are hoping to have their first site installed in the spring 2015.

    For more details on SPAshell contact Spa Creators or visit

    Daniel Fountain / 13.02.2015

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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