InterCityHotel Frankfurt Airport resplendent in a new design

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    The InterCityHotel Frankfurt Airport has undergone a comprehensive ‘maintenance’ programme similar in stringency to the “D Checks” carried out on the aircraft next door. A total of €5.2 million (£3.7 million) has been spent on updating the rooms and public areas.The modernisation of the hotel took place over several construction phases. During a period of 166 working days, 1,721 metres of copper piping were laid, 1,327.5 metres of electrical cables were installed and the project’s supervisor has undertaken a total journey of 3,984 kilometres through the hotel to check the works.

    The final result has definitely been worth the effort. Modern rooms and a new interior offer a real feel-good factor. The restaurant and buffet area has undergone a general overhaul and now features a fresh new look. The newly designed lounge now leads directly into the cult “JU52” Fliers’ Bar.

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    The hotel’s public areas now offer an added attraction for flying enthusiasts in the form of a photo-art project. “Himmelskonstrukt” is a cooperative venture between the InterCityHotel GmbH and Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences which delivers a real “airport feeling”. The creative forces behind the exhibition, Janosch Boerckel and Tim Dechent, received valuable support from the airport operator Fraport in completing their work.

    “We are an established presence at Frankfurt Airport and are now able to offer visitors even greater levels of comfort,” said Anton Wüstefeld, General Manager of the InterCityHotel Frankfurt Airport. “We are delighted to present our new design to guests and crews and wish everyone many happy landings. Our particular thanks are due to Hans-Peter Hermann, Director of Asset Management Hotels at Invesco Real Estate, who supported the renovation works in his capacity as authorised representative of the owner.”

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    The hotel’s own colony of bees, which like to spend the time between their own landings and take-offs on the hotel’s roof, will still be permitted to fly. They produce 40 kilos of honey per year during these stopovers, and the InterCityHotel Frankfurt Airport was the first hotel in Germany to have its own bees on the roof.

    Daniel Fountain / 28.10.2015

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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