Beaumont Hotel owners choose specialists for decorative lighting

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    In its most recent collaboration with Corbin & King, Dernier & Hamlyn has manufactured beautiful art deco chandeliers for The Beaumont Hotel, Jeremy King and Chris Corbin’s first hotel, which will open in Mayfair this autumn. A statement, grand fitting has been produced for the hotel’s entrance. Cast in brass and finished in antique bonze, it is dressed with custom made glass rods. A smaller version has also been made at Dernier & Hamlyn’s London factory and installed in the main lobby. Throughout the main public areas, including lobbies and stairwells, Dernier & Hamlyn has also produced feature pendants that include handmade cast glass panels that feature chevrons and have been sand blasted to emulate typical art deco styling.

    Jeremy King says:
    “We select our suppliers carefully and seek out companies that share our values, which focus on honesty, integrity and continual improvement. Dernier & Hamlyn has a similar approach. Therefore when it comes to bespoke lighting for our properties we choose D&H primarily for its reputation for quality, attention to detail and its business ethics.”

    Dernier & Hamlyn joint managing director Jeremy Quantrill says:
    “We have worked on several Corbin & King projects including Brasserie Zedel and Fischer’s. Producing lighting for the Beaumont Hotel was a really interesting project and one which drew on our historical knowledge and archives from the 1930s.”

    Daniel Fountain / 08.10.2014

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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