Bathroom Trends Insight by Kelly Hoppen MBE

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    Luxury bathroom specialists, Crosswater, recently revealed their new KH Zero 1 bathroom collection curated in partnership with Kelly Hoppen MBE, who now lends her skills to uncover key insights into today’s bathroom designs and the new, upcoming trends.What is “good” design in your opinion?
    Good design is about good planning and by that I mean that design must suit the lifestyle of all the individuals using the space and be stylish and timeless at the same time. Style is a key element but quality is just as important.

    What trends are you seeing in bathroom design?
    Fluidity – bathroom design will become more and more modular. Another trend in bathroom design is a focus on art. Taps for example will be centrepieces and designed in a more artistic way.

    Do you believe you should be able to get “good design” at every budget level?
    Yes it is possible. You can find good design at all levels of the market. What you may not get at every budget level is “good quality” especially at the lower end of the market.

    Has design and innovation suffered/been restricted by the downturn?
    I think the downturn has forced manufacturers and designers to push the boundaries even more because consumers want more for their money.

    What design project are you most proud of?
    All of them. Each and every project has its own uniqueness.

    Who or what is your design inspiration?
    I find inspiration from so many aspects of everyday life, the people around me especially my daughter and family, different cultures and travel – I have a real love for the Eastern way of life and philosophy. I also admire individuals like Ralph Lauren and Donna Karan – they have stuck to their brand and philosophy for years – it’s all about longevity and timeless design.

    Daniel Fountain / 14.10.2013

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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