Altfield Luxe; a couture range of wallcoverings and fabrics

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    This year Altfield are proud to introduce Altfield Luxe, our new couture range of wallcoverings and fabrics. These items are made by hand in collaboration with some of the most unique and artisan design houses from around the world. Each piece meticulously crafted utilizing traditional methods but made for the contemporary market. The goal…. to provide a home for these exclusive boutique collections and keep these beautiful techniques alive.

    Assemblage for Altfield Luxe is Assemblage’s first standardized collection of wallcoverings. Their collection of wallcoverings are a base of hand laid plaster applied with pigment, mica, metal leafing or carving, creating distinctive organic designs. The beauty of this range is the depth of colour and true flexibility in production.

    Assemblage was founded by husband and wife team Christian and Heidi Batteau with the intention of crafting the most exquisite handmade wallpaper available. Heidi and Christian have combined their years of sourcing the finest materials and refining their application to produce what has been called “fine art applied directly to the wall”.

    To view this exclusive range visit Altfield’s website or pop into their newly refurbished showroom.

    Daniel Fountain / 20.04.2015

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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