Allied London to bring new event hotel to Manchester

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    As Manchester plays host to the Annual Hotel Conference, Michael Ingall, chief executive of Allied London has revealed plans for a paradigm-breaking event hotel for Manchester City Centre.Development of the event hotel project (The Manchester Grande), to be located in the former Granada headquarters building, is expected to begin in 2016 following a formal planning process. It will be a key part of the first phase of development of St Johns.

    Michael Ingall said:
    “With the development of St Johns, we’re creating a new neighbourhood in the heart of Manchester. A place that distinguishes itself by its unique cultural history, diverse mix of inhabitants, rich context and its position at the crossroads of Manchester’s network.

    “The Manchester Grande event hotel fits perfectly with this vision. The first of its kind in the UK, the hotel is being modelled on the likes of the hotels in New York, Miami and the Far East, where the focus is on food and beverage as well as nightly events including major performance , music, film, theatre and arts and club events.

    “The hotel will bring to life the four purpose built integral former sound-proofed studios, where the Beatles played their first ever live TV performance. The purpose built production green rooms, dressing rooms and rehearsal rooms will be incorporated into the hotel and entertainment complex.”

    The Manchester Grande will incorporate four restaurants and a number of bars, including a top-floor members club. Guests staying in one of the 200 hotel suites, which will each boast winter gardens, will have an access pass to that night’s entertainment depending on the package they buy.

    As part of the planned hotel development, a new link will be created by removing the existing solid building that joins the Granada office buildings on Atherton Street. In its place a glazed link will be built creating a new vista that will visually link St Johns through to Great John Street and beyond.

    A planning application will be submitted by the end of the year. Allied London intends to retain ownership of the complex and work with best in class partners to deliver each component of the project.

    Levitt Bernstein Associates has been appointed as architect.

    Daniel Fountain / 28.10.2014

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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