A woven ode to Bideford from Wilton Carpets Commercial

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    As an approved supplier for Wetherspoon, Wilton Carpets Commercial has manufactured bespoke carpet for The Rose Salterne, one of the chain’s newest establishments in the north Devon port town of Bideford. With a reputation for respectfully and tastefully converting landmark buildings in towns right across the UK into public houses, Wetherspoon has transformed the former site of Bideford Grammar School, seeking inspiration from the mid-century modernist era during which the current building was constructed.

    Turning to Wilton Carpets Commercial design department, the interior design practice responsible for the transformation commissioned a design that took inspiration from the textures of Bideford, using a colour scheme inspired by the north Devon landscape. With approximately 300 square metres of nine-row woven axminster fitted throughout the main areas of the pub, the shell design carpet is used as a unifying element within the interior:

    “We looked to the history of Bideford and the site of The Rose Salterne itself to provide inspiration for the interior scheme,” comments the interior design practice responsible. “Breaking up the pub into areas reflecting the site history, we’ve incorporated slate on the walls to represent the town’s trade and commissioned local resident artists for works that adorn the walls. The main customer area introduces elements from the grand houses of the prosperous merchants of the town while the toilets echo a vintage 60s theme. The carpet really helps to unify these areas and as such is an important design element.”

    Originally conceptualised as an over-scale pattern, the scale of the shell design went through several iterations to provide a carpet that met with the exacting requirements of the designer, but that would also work to reduce wastage within the layout. The 80% wool 20% nylon carpet was installed by Floor Furnishings, Cardiff and was manufactured at Wilton Carpets Commercial’s Wiltshire production site, helping to minimise transportation and impact.

    Daniel Fountain / 18.07.2014

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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