A self sustaining solution for electronically controlled taps

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    With water saving being a crucial factor in the building and refurbishment of commerical projects to ensure that they meet the necessary criteria for efficiency and sustainability, Geberit has launched a new innovation that ensures its electronically controlled taps are the most energy efficient on the market.Geberit’s electronically controlled taps can now be fitted with a self-sustaining power supply that works independently of mains and battery sources. Suitable for use with the manufacturer’s infra-red taps, the new self-sustaining power supply has been designed for use in washrooms with a large volume of users per day, helping commercial premises such as pubs, restaurants and hospitals effortlessly fulfill their green credentials.

    Mounted directly on the angle stop valve of the fresh water pipe, a tiny generator uses the pressure of the water in the pipe to generate electricity. This electricity is then stored in a rechargeable battery that is used to power the tap.

    Two versions of the self-sustaining power supply are available – one without a mixer and the other with a below-deck mixer.

    The lifetime of the product is not influenced by intermittent use, making it perfectly poised for use in the commercial washroom, while no additional back up is required as the battery is built to last around 10 years in a working bathroom. Back up is available should it ever be needed in the shape of a battery charger and analysis tool, which not only recharges the control units to 100 per cent power within five hours, but can also be used to analyse the function of the generator, the control unit and the tap itself.

    All in all, Geberit’s new self sustaining power supply is the ideal choice for buildings that need to follow strict ecological guidelines.

    For more information call 0800 077 8365 or visit www.geberit.co.uk

    Daniel Fountain / 25.10.2012

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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